(Editable list) Apps compatible with iodéOS

App Developer Category Compatible? Comment
ADSB Flight Tracker CodingRealLife Travel :green_circle:
Aegis Authenticator Alexander Bakker Communication :green_circle: (TOTP auth.) F-Droid Store = :free:
Banque Pop (Cyberplus) Banque Populaire Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
Bitwarden Bitwarden Inc. Password Safe :green_circle: None of the categories fit imo
blabber.im blabber.im Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
BlaBlaCar BlaBlaCar Travel :green_circle:
Brave Private Browser Brave Software Web browser & search :green_circle:
Bromite Bromite Web browser & search :green_circle: github :information_source:
BRS Golf App GolfNow Sport :red_circle: Error after Login
Cake Wallet Cake Labs Banking & finance :green_circle:
ConnectBot ConnectBot Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
DavX5 Ricki Hirner Cloud storage :green_circle: (sync contacts&calendars) F-Droid Store = :free:
DB Navigator Deutsche Bahn Travel :green_circle:
Diceware Password Generator jeffisaak Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
DKB Deutsche Kreditbank AG Banking & finance :green_circle:
DS File Synology Cloud storage :green_circle: (sync files with synology NAS)
DS Photo Synology Cloud storage :green_circle: (sync photos&videos with synology NAS)
DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser DuckDuckGo Web browser & search :green_circle:
Ecosia - Trees & Privacy Ecosia Web browser & search :green_circle:
Element Messenger Vector Creations Limited Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
eSpeak NG Text-to-Speech RedZoc Solutions Private Limited Productivity :green_circle:
Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. Social media :green_circle:
Facebook Lite Meta Platforms, Inc. Social media :green_circle:
Fedilab tom79 Social media :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Feeel - home workouts Enjoying FOSS Health & fitness :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser Mozilla Web browser & search :green_circle:
Flightradar24 Flightradar24 AB Travel :red_circle:
Fortuneo Fortuneo inc Banking & finance :green_circle:
FOSS Browser Gaukier Faun Web browser & search :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Freestyle Libre Link Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. Health :red_circle: message: “Please install it from Google Playstore”
Gadgetbridge Andreas Shimokawa Health & fitness :green_circle: (sync with wearables) F-Droid Store = :free:
Gmail Google Communication :green_circle:
Google Chrome Google Web browser & search :red_circle:
GPS Test barbeau Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
ICSx5 bitfire web engineering Cloud storage :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Imagepipe Starfish Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Imaging Edge Mobile Sony Corporation Productivity :green_circle:
Instagram Meta Platforms, Inc. Social media :green_circle:
iOverlander iOverlander Travel :red_circle:
Joplin Laurent Cozic Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
K-9 Mail The K-9 Dog Walkers Communication :green_circle:
KeePass DX Kunzisoft Communication :green_circle: (local encripted password manager)
Langis Thoughtcrime Communication :green_circle: Signal without Google Play Services support :information_source:
LBRY Communication :green_circle: (WiFi network scanner) F-Droid Store = :free:
lemmur LemmurOrg Social media :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Thomas Taschauer Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Ma Banque Crédit Agricole Banking & finance :green_circle:
Mull Divested Computing Group Web browser & search :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Neo Store Antonios Hazim Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Netflix Netflix Inc. Media streaming :green_circle:
NewPipe TobiGr Media streaming :green_circle: (Front-end for youtube) F-Droid Store = :free:
Nextcloud Nextcloud Cloud storage :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Nextcloud Deck Niedermann IT-Dienstleistungen Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
NextcloudServices Adrewerr Cloud storage :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
NFL Fantasy Football NFL Enterprises LLC Entertainment :green_circle:
NFL Game Pass Deltatre spa Entertainment :green_circle:
Ning Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Open Open News & Magazine :green_circle: (news from Italian online magazine)
OpenTracks OpenTracks Team Health & fitness :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Organic Maps Offline Hiking Organic Maps Mapping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
OsmAnd+ OsmAnd Travel :green_circle: (PRO version) F-Droid Store = :free:
OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks OpenTracks Team Mapping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
OUI.sncf SNCF Travel :green_circle:
Outlook Microsoft Communication :green_circle:
park4night AppMobilEdition Travel :red_circle:
PayPal Mobile PayPal Banking & finance :green_circle:
PayPal Business PayPal Banking & finance :green_circle:
Privacy Browser Soren Stountner Web browser & search :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Pocket Casts Automattic Inc Entertainment :green_circle:
Proton Mail Proton Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Qfile QNAP Cloud storage :green_circle: (access files on QNAP NAS)
Rabobank Bankieren Rabobank Banking & Finance :green_circle:
RAI News RAI News & Magazine :green_circle: (news from Italian television broadcaster)
Rotation Control OpenMyrtle Productivity :green_circle: Control screen orientation from notification area :information_source:
Reddit reddit Inc. Social media :green_circle:
RVV Regensburger Vertriebsverbund GmbH Travel :green_circle:
Satellite sipgate Communication :green_circle: Real cell phone number without SIM card; only for users residing in :de:
SecurePlus BNP Paribas S.A. Banking & finance :green_circle:
Shopping Amazon Shopping :green_circle:
ShoppingList Sebastian Göls Shopping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Signal Signal Communication :green_circle:
SIGMA RIDE App SIGMA Elektro GmbH Health and fitness :green_circle:
S-ID-Check (Sparkasse) Netcetera Banking & finance :green_circle:
SimpleMobileTools Tibor Kaputa Productivity :green_circle: PRO versions for :free:
S-Invest (Sparkasse) Star Finanz GmbH Banking & finance :green_circle:
Sparkasse Ihre mobile Filiale Star Finanz GmbH Banking & finance :green_circle:
Spotify Spotify Ltd. Media streaming :green_circle:
StreetComplete expert edition Helium 314 Mapping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Swisscows Swisscows AG Web browser & search :green_circle: Swisscows Private Search. Anonymous search engine. App :free: Aurora Store
TAN2go DKB Banking & finance :green_circle:
Teams Microsoft Communication :green_circle:
Threema Libre Threema GmbH Communication :green_circle: Full Independence from Google Services :information_source:
TeleGuard Swisscows AG Communication :green_circle: Secure Messenger + IP-Telephony. No connection to a telephone number and no collection of user identification data. :free: APK file
Tinder Tinder Social media :green_circle:
TrackerControl Oxford HCC Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Transportr Torsten Grote Travel :green_circle: @grote is co-author of #Briar, SeedVault and MicroG fixes :free:
Tutanota Tutao GmbH Communication :green_circle: Encrypted email & calendar service :free:
Tor browser Web browser & search :green_circle:
Twitter Twitter Inc. Social media :green_circle:
Unitron Remote Plus Sonova Health :green_circle:
Unstoppable Wallet Horizontal Systems Banking & finance :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
UntrackMe tom79 Productivity :yellow_circle: Pop-up showing the link not displayed but redirection works F-Droid Store = :free:
Vespucci Vespucci Mapping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
VLC VLC Media streaming :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
WaveUp juanitobananas Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp LLC Communication :green_circle:
WireGuard WireGuard Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
xDrip+ @jamorham Health & fitness :green_circle: xDrip+

How to edit

  • Please sort apps in alphabetic order for each compatible option.
  • Please make sure before adding an app to the incompatible section (red circle) that it also doesn’t work with the iodé blocker deactivated for this app.

Compatible options:

  • :green_circle:
  • :yellow_circle:
  • :red_circle:

Category list:

  • Banking & finance
  • Cloud storage
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Food & drink
  • Game
  • Health & fitness
  • Mapping
  • Media streaming
  • Music & audio streaming
  • News & Magazine
  • Productivity
  • Shopping
  • Social media
  • Travel
  • Web browser & search

Thankk you very much for this! Is this up-to-date?

I think theres nobody whos checking it for actuality
The list lifes with the community

Is it possible to stick this Thread to the top of the forum? I think it is quite interesting for new/potential users.
Sometimes it is far down in the list and not easy to find.


How can I edit the list and add some apps

At the end of the list you will find the edit button

interestingly I only have an anweer option there…?