(Editable list) Apps compatible with iodéOS

App Developer Category Compatible? Comment
1Password 1Password Security :green_circle:
AdGuard VPN AdGuard Productivity :green_circle:
ABRP Iternio Planning AB Travel :green_circle: A Better Routeplanner - Electric vehicules
ADSB Flight Tracker CodingRealLife Travel :green_circle:
Aegis Authenticator Alexander Bakker Communication :green_circle: (TOTP auth.) F-Droid Store = :free:
AKTIIA Aktiia Health & fitness :green_circle:
ALDI TALK Aldi Banking & finance (?) :green_circle:
Banque Migros Migros Bank (Switzerland) Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
Banque Pop (Cyberplus) Banque Populaire Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
BCGE Twint Banque Cantonale de Genève Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
bexioGo bexio Switzerland Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
Binary Eye Markus Fisch Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Bitwarden Bitwarden Inc. Security :green_circle: None of the categories fit imo
blabber.im blabber.im Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
BlaBlaCar BlaBlaCar Travel :green_circle:
Brave Private Browser Brave Software Web browser & search :green_circle:
Bromite Bromite Web browser & search :yellow_circle: github :information_source: → No Update since Dez. 22!
BRS Golf App GolfNow Sport :red_circle: Error after Login
Cake Wallet Cake Labs Banking & finance :green_circle:
Camping App Womo Wowa Van Zelt Camping-App.eu Travel :green_circle: Google Play Store - Pro Version via website
Catima Card & Ticket manager Sylvia van Os Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
ConnectBot ConnectBot Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Consorsbank Consorsbank Banking & finance :green_circle:
CrontoSign Banque Cantonale de Genève Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
DavX5 Ricki Hirner Cloud storage :green_circle: (sync contacts&calendars) F-Droid Store = :free:
DB Navigator Deutsche Bahn Travel :green_circle:
Debitum Marmo Banking & finance :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Diceware Password Generator jeffisaak Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
DKB Deutsche Kreditbank AG Banking & finance :green_circle:
DS File Synology Cloud storage :green_circle: (sync files with synology NAS)
DS Photo Synology Cloud storage :green_circle: (sync photos&videos with synology NAS)
DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser DuckDuckGo Web browser & search :green_circle:
Ecosia - Trees & Privacy Ecosia Web browser & search :green_circle:
Element Messenger Vector Creations Limited Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
E-Banking Raiffeisen Switzerland Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
Enpass Enpass Technologies Inc Security :green_circle:
eSpeak NG Text-to-Speech RedZoc Solutions Private Limited Productivity :green_circle:
Facebook Meta Platforms, Inc. Social media :green_circle:
Facebook Lite Meta Platforms, Inc. Social media :green_circle:
FairEmail Marcel Bokhorst Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
FAIRTIQ FAIRTIQ Ltd Travel :green_circle:
Fedilab tom79 Social media :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Feeel - home workouts Enjoying FOSS Health & fitness :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
FindMyDevice (fmd) Nulide - gitlab Security :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free: Locate/Lock/Delete → SMS. / Push with “Ntfy”
Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser Mozilla Web browser & search :green_circle:
Flightradar24 Flightradar24 AB Travel :red_circle:
FortiClient VPN Fortinet Security :green_circle:
Fortuneo Fortuneo inc Banking & finance :green_circle:
FOSS Browser Gaukier Faun Web browser & search :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Fossil Smartwatches Fossil Group Inc. Health & fitness :green_circle:
FreeScout FreeScout Communication :green_circle: Ticketing
Freestyle Libre Link Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. Health :red_circle: message: “Please install it from Google Playstore”
Fritz!App SmartHome AVM GmbH Home Automation :green_circle:
Gadgetbridge Andreas Shimokawa Health & fitness :green_circle: (sync with wearables) F-Droid Store = :free:
Garmin Connect Garmin Health & fitness :green_circle:
Geev, le réflexe anti-gaspi Geev Life Style :green_circle:
Gmail Google Communication :green_circle:
Google Chrome Google Web browser & search :red_circle:
GPS Test barbeau Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
GVApp Genève Aéroport Travel :green_circle:
ICSx5 bitfire web engineering Cloud storage :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Ikea Home Smart Ikea Productivity :green_circle: the new Dirigea version
Imagepipe Starfish Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Imaging Edge Mobile Sony Corporation Productivity :green_circle:
Instagram Meta Platforms, Inc. Social media :green_circle:
iOverlander iOverlander Travel :red_circle:
Jelbi BVG Travel :green_circle: works since iode4.3, deactivate location in case of crashes
Joplin Laurent Cozic Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Juggluco jka Health and fitness :green_circle: Blood glucose monitoring, www.juggluco.nl
ikMail Infomaniak [Communication] :green_circle:
K-9 Mail The K-9 Dog Walkers Communication :green_circle:
kAuth Infomaniak Productivity :green_circle:
kChat Infomaniak Productivity :green_circle:
KDE Connect KDE Productivity :yellow_circle: While it works fine, it it somewhat unstable on iode, e.g. sometimes not showing up in connected devices, etc. Overall okay.
kDrive Infomaniak Cloud storage :green_circle:
KeePass DX Kunzisoft Security :green_circle: (local encripted password manager)
Keepass2Android Philipp Crocoll Security :green_circle: (local encripted password manager)
Kia Charge Digital Charging Solutions GmbH Mobility :green_circle: EV charging stations
Kia Connect Kia Connect GmbH Mobility :green_circle: Kia app
Klapp school communication Klapp GmbH Communication :green_circle:
kMeet Infomaniak Communication :green_circle:
kSync Infomaniak Productivity :green_circle:
Langis Thoughtcrime Communication :green_circle: Signal without Google Play Services support :information_source:
LBRY Communication :green_circle: (WiFi network scanner) F-Droid Store = :free:
lemmur LemmurOrg Social media :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader Thomas Taschauer Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Ma Banque Crédit Agricole Banking & finance :green_circle:
MeteoSwiss admin.ch Weather :green_circle:
MessagEase Keyboard Exideas Communication :green_circle:
MitID Digitaliserings-styrelsen Security :green_circle:
Monsieur Cuisine App Lidl Food & drink :green_circle:
Mull Divested Computing Group Web browser & search :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Mullvad VPN Mullvad VPN AB Security :green_circle: F-Droid Store
MyNextbase Nextbase Mobility :green_circle: Dashcam Control
MyPhoneExplorer fjsoft Backup :green_circle: Local Backup: Calendar, SMS, Contacts, Folders, For Windows-Clients
Neo Store Antonios Hazim Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Netbanking BCGE Banque Cantonale de Genève Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
Netflix Netflix Inc. Media streaming :green_circle:
NewPipe TobiGr Media streaming :green_circle: (Front-end for youtube) F-Droid Store = :free:
nextbike TIER Travel :red_circle: Doesn’t work at all without microG, works probably fine with (at least on LineageOS)
Nextcloud Nextcloud Cloud storage :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Nextcloud Deck Niedermann IT-Dienstleistungen Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
NextcloudServices Adrewerr Cloud storage :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
NFL Fantasy Football NFL Enterprises LLC Entertainment :green_circle:
NFL Game Pass Deltatre spa Entertainment :green_circle:
Nine - Email & Calendar 9folders.com Communication :green_circle: Exchange Mail Client - email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes - purchase via website
Ning Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
One Viseca Switzerland Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
Open Open News & Magazine :green_circle: (news from Italian online magazine)
OpenKeyChain Dominik Schürmann Security :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
OpenTracks OpenTracks Team Health & fitness :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
OpenVPN OpenVPN Security :green_circle:
OpenVPN Connect OpenVPN Security :green_circle:
Organic Maps Offline Hiking Organic Maps Mapping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
OsmAnd+ OsmAnd Travel :green_circle: (PRO version) F-Droid Store = :free:
OSM Dashboard for OpenTracks OpenTracks Team Mapping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
OUI.sncf SNCF Travel :green_circle:
Outlook Microsoft Communication :green_circle:
park4night AppMobilEdition Travel :red_circle:
Payconiq by Bancontact Bancontact Company Banking & finance :red_circle:
PayPal Mobile PayPal Banking & finance :green_circle:
PayPal Business PayPal Banking & finance :green_circle:
PeakFinder Fabio Soldati Travel :green_circle: Shows the names of all mountains and peaks
People’s Choice Credit Union People’s Choice Credit Union Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
PhotoTAN Raiffeisen Switzerland Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
Pocket Casts Automattic Inc Entertainment :green_circle:
Post & DHL Deutsche Post DHL Productivity :green_circle:
Privacy Browser Soren Stountner Web browser & search :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Proton Mail Proton Communication :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Proton Vpn Proton Security :green_circle: F-droid Store = :free:
Qfile QNAP Cloud storage :green_circle: (access files on QNAP NAS)
QoQa QoQa Services SA Life Style :green_circle:
QuickZoll Bundesamt Zoll… BAZG Travel :green_circle: Swiss customs: simplified declarations
Rabobank Bankieren Rabobank Banking & Finance :green_circle:
RAI News RAI News & Magazine :green_circle: (news from Italian television broadcaster)
Raiffeisen MobileSCAN Raiffeisen Switzerland Banking & finance :green_circle:
Raiffeisen PhotoTAN Raiffeisen Switzerland Banking & finance :green_circle:
Rotation Control OpenMyrtle Productivity :green_circle: Control screen orientation from notification area :information_source:
Reddit reddit Inc. Social media :green_circle:
Revolut Revolut Ltd Banking & finance :green_circle:
Ruuvi Station Ruuvi Innovations Oy Home automation :green_circle:
RVV Regensburger Vertriebsverbund GmbH Travel :green_circle:
Satellite sipgate Communication :green_circle: Real cell phone number without SIM card; only for users residing in :de:
SBB Mobile Swiss Federal Railways Travel :green_circle:
SecureGo Plus Atruvia AG Banking & finance :green_circle:
SecurePlus BNP Paribas S.A. Banking & finance :green_circle:
Selma Selma Switzerland Banking & finance :green_circle: Google Play Store
Shelter PeterCxy Security :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Shopping Amazon Shopping :green_circle:
ShoppingList Sebastian Göls Shopping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Signal Signal Communication :green_circle:
SIGMA RIDE App SIGMA Elektro GmbH Health and fitness :green_circle:
S-ID-Check (Sparkasse) Netcetera Banking & finance :green_circle:
SimpleMobileTools Tibor Kaputa Productivity :green_circle: PRO versions for :free:
S-Invest (Sparkasse) Star Finanz GmbH Banking & finance :green_circle:
Snapchat Snap Inc. Social media :orange_circle: no preview for front camera photos, storys and spotlight not loading
Sonos Sonos Media streaming :green_circle:
Sparkasse Ihre mobile Filiale Star Finanz GmbH Banking & finance :green_circle:
Spotify Spotify Ltd. Media streaming :green_circle:
StreetComplete expert edition Helium 314 Mapping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Sunrise Smart Wi-Fi Plume Design Inc. Communication :green_circle:
Swisscows Swisscows AG Web browser & search :green_circle: Swisscows Private Search. Anonymous search engine. App :free: Aurora Store
swisstopo Federal Office of Topography Travel :green_circle: Swiss maps
TAN2go DKB Banking & finance :green_circle:
Teams Microsoft Communication :green_circle:
Threema Libre Threema GmbH Communication :green_circle: Full Independence from Google Services :information_source:
TeleGuard Swisscows AG Communication :green_circle: Secure Messenger + IP-Telephony. No connection to a telephone number and no collection of user identification data. :free: APK file
Tinder Tinder Social media :green_circle:
Tor browser Web browser & search :green_circle:
TrackerControl Oxford HCC Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
Transportr Torsten Grote Travel :green_circle: @grote is co-author of #Briar, SeedVault and MicroG fixes :free:
Tusky Team Tusky Social media :green_circle: Mastodon client F-Droid Store = :free:
Tutanota Tutao GmbH Communication :green_circle: Encrypted email & calendar service :free:
Twitch Twitch Media streaming :green_circle: Works even better because the iode Blocker removes all the ads :slight_smile:
Twitter Twitter Inc. Social media :green_circle:
UBS mobile pass UBS AG Banking & finance :red_circle: reports jail broken device
Unitron Remote Plus Sonova Health :green_circle:
Unstoppable Wallet Horizontal Systems Banking & finance :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
UntrackMe tom79 Productivity :yellow_circle: Pop-up showing the link not displayed but redirection works F-Droid Store = :free:
Vespucci Vespucci Mapping :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
VGN Fahrplan & Tickets Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg GmbH Travel :green_circle:
VLC VLC Media streaming :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
WaveUp juanitobananas Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp LLC Communication :green_circle:
WireGuard WireGuard Productivity :green_circle: F-Droid Store = :free:
xDrip+ @jamorham Health & fitness :green_circle: xDrip+
Xiaomi Home Xiaomi Productivity :green_circle:
ZKB Access ZKB Banking & finance :green_circle:
ZKB Twint ZKB Banking & finance :green_circle:

How to edit

  • Please sort apps in alphabetic order.
  • Please make sure before adding an app to the incompatible section (red circle) that it also doesn’t work with the iodé blocker deactivated for this app.

Compatible options:

  • :green_circle:
  • :yellow_circle:
  • :red_circle:

Category list:

  • Banking & finance
  • Cloud storage
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Food & drink
  • Game
  • Health & fitness
  • Home automation
  • Life Style
  • Mapping
  • Media streaming
  • Mobility
  • News & Magazine
  • Productivity
  • Security
  • Shopping
  • Social media
  • Travel
  • Weather
  • Web browser & search

Thankk you very much for this! Is this up-to-date?

I think theres nobody whos checking it for actuality
The list lifes with the community

Is it possible to stick this Thread to the top of the forum? I think it is quite interesting for new/potential users.
Sometimes it is far down in the list and not easy to find.


How can I edit the list and add some apps

At the end of the list you will find the edit button

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interestingly I only have an anweer option there…?

Good morning, I need to know how to do a logcat? I have an app Screwfix that either hangs or crashes. It works with other microg os so was working out were to post?


I think we need a column with the ISO date of the entry, for example 2023-04-01.

Maybe a column with the country identifier if the application applies only to this country (for example, specific banking applications or transport networks…).

The Security category should be added to put apps like Keepass, Bitwarden…

What do you think about this ?

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You have only trustlevel 0, but you have to reach at least trustlevel 1 to edit a wiki. If I see that correctly, you now only have to read 2 new topics. So it is quite simple and quickly achieved. :slightly_smiling_face:

It works

Snapchat dosent work. Beta version show problem with blocked account. Allow all DNS requset in iode app dosnt help, private DNS turn off-same problem. Its strange, bacause on linageos (mi 8lite) works fine with standard version.

Has anyone already tried to use the “Green-Got” app?
I’m considering buying a Iodé phone but need to make sure I will actually be able to use that app as it is my banking app and they don’t yet have a web app.

I don’t need this app, but I tried to install and start it - both works (on Fairphone 4 with iodéOS 4.1). But since I’m not a customer, I can’t test the app further.

Thanks. I just received my Iodé phone today (Fairphone 3) and installed the Green-Got app.
It was installed correctly. At first the app started but I was unable to login. Now the app simply does not start (I’m stuck on the starting screen with the logo)…

Have you tried to disable the iodé blocker for this app? As it doesn’t start anymore I’d try to un- and reinstall it with the blocker disabled. Maybe it’s possible to login afterwards.

Just gave it a try. With no success…

Did you try it again ? It is maybe an issue with SafetyNet: there have been some changes recently in the way it is verified, and FP3 is concerned. A new system release in the coming days will fix the SafetyNet issue, which may allow that app to work.