(Editable list) Apps compatible with iodéOS

List is not editable to me, too

Same problem like Borgenicht, there is (after logging in!) only the answer button. I tried Safari and Opera, both are not working.

I would like to add some apps, so anybody who can help?

Strange, you should have this:

Could be just that you trust level is “new user” in your profile, just like Borgenicht was back in March.

I don’t know the details but at some point after having interacted with the forum for various things your status should change to “basic”. Possibly this has some bearing on the issue.

Found this:

So, according to that info you should be good to go after reading one more post! :smiley:

leider kann ich die Tabelle nicht editieren.

OnePlus 9 Pro (LE2125)

App: Bosch Flow App
Developer: Bosch
Category: Health & Fittness

Seit Update auf iode 4.4, stürzt die App beim öffnen der Karte/Fahrten Funktion ab

Gruß Helix

Liegt wahrscheinlich an deinem trust level. Neue Benutzer müssen erst ein gewisses Level erreichen, bevor sie editieren können

I edited the list with:

| ING Bankieren (v2024.1.1.0) | ING bank | Banking & finance | :green_circle: | Tested on Iodé OS 4.8 20231216|

But could not save the post, just nothing happend when clicking “Save” button.

EDIT: SOLVED. I had the post opened in 2 browsers at the same time, that prevented the saving

Hi everyone,
I would like to buy a phone compatible with iodé OS (mine is not). I would like to know if the OS is compatible with some apps that are not on the list before buying the phone. How should I proceed ? Is there anyone that can test few apps for me ? Or is there a way to run iodé on a VM to test all these apps ?

Maybe. What apps?

you buy a pixel (7a is at 400,-€ actually here in germany) device which is compatible with iodeOS
If the apps are running you’re fine, if not, they will also not run with any other microG based ROM, but maybe with grapheneOS (that’s why you should choose a pixel) or LOS with GAPPS or stock

Another side note: pixels are the only true devices anyway :wink:

tisseo (public transport app for toulouse), sncf connect (french train) and boursorama banque (banking app). It would be great if you could just check wether they can run. They are all in the play store.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was about to buy a pixel 6a, mostly because of this compatibility with graphene. Do you know if the gap of performance between the 6a and 7a worths the price (I hope the question isn’t out of topic here) ?

I use a 5. my wife a 6a. And I will get (business) a new 7a next week.
I think at the end of next week, I can give you a comparison.
What I can say today, the 5 and 6a is the same, regarding performance. OK, the new ones are bigger but that’s not necessarily an advantage :wink:

I agree, the size doesn’t matter that much. Thanks !

The two travel apps are working ok on iode 4.8 . I can go in to them and look around.

The bank app installs and opens ok, but I do not go further than a login or sign up screen.

Apps were installed from aurorastore with anonymous login

I am not logged in to google account in the microg settings, nor do I have device registered or push notifications activated.

I’ll probably edit the list above tomorrow.

Okay, thanks a lot for your accurate answer.

I don’t see the edit button but the banking app “Belfius” (belgium) from Aurora store is working ok for what I use it !

There’s no edit button for each app
you have to / can edit the whole first post

I suppose I’m late, but I have zero issues using the BoursoBank website through the default iodé browser.
I never installed the app so I can’t confirm it’s working, but I have the impression the website is the same as the app. Anyway I can check my account, add beneficiaries, make wire transfers, confirm purchases with credit card.

Whatsapp force closes at startup at a S10e with IodéOS 4.9. wiping cache and restarting the device wouldn’t help. It was possible setting it up with an existing account in the first place but crashed afterwards. Any ideas?

Just thinking out loud:

Would it make sense to create an app to list all installed apps (all selected by default) and then let the user deselect the apps that do not work and report it somewhere public?

This way iode has all the details (phone, iode version, app, app version) and yet its still opt-in.

I will try to write an adb script when I am at home to do it for now.