(Editable list) Apps compatible with iodéOS

I just installed the new version of IodéOS and tried again but got the same result…
For now I have to use my old FP2, it is manageable but of course not ideal.

List is not editable to me, too

Same problem like Borgenicht, there is (after logging in!) only the answer button. I tried Safari and Opera, both are not working.

I would like to add some apps, so anybody who can help?

Strange, you should have this:

Could be just that you trust level is “new user” in your profile, just like Borgenicht was back in March.

I don’t know the details but at some point after having interacted with the forum for various things your status should change to “basic”. Possibly this has some bearing on the issue.

Found this:

So, according to that info you should be good to go after reading one more post! :smiley:

leider kann ich die Tabelle nicht editieren.

OnePlus 9 Pro (LE2125)

App: Bosch Flow App
Developer: Bosch
Category: Health & Fittness

Seit Update auf iode 4.4, stürzt die App beim öffnen der Karte/Fahrten Funktion ab

Gruß Helix

Liegt wahrscheinlich an deinem trust level. Neue Benutzer müssen erst ein gewisses Level erreichen, bevor sie editieren können