Is WiFi Calling supported on iodéOS 4.0? No option in Settings. Pixel 6a

Installed iodé yesterday and it’s looking fabulous so far but there is no option for wifi calling in Settings or in the settings of the dialer.

The carrier supports it and it was working on CalyxOS Android 13. I installed iodé directly over Calyx.

I’m wondering if it would make a difference to install directly over stock?

I dont have this option on pix5, too

Google Pixel 6a (bluejay) with GrapheneOS has option / buttons for WiFi calls.

Wi-fi calling

Google Pixel 6a (bluejay) with DivestOS 20.0 / 13.0 / T also has no option / buttons for WiFi calls. DivestOS is a vastly diverged unofficial soft fork of LineageOS.

asked vince in iodè’s matrix chat

Thanks @AlphaElwedritsch , it would be good to know.

And thanks @iodysseus for the info’s. I’ve been running Calyx for the last couple of years and like it very much. Graphene I’ve tried but not overly fond of. DivestOS deliberately removed support for wifi calling after polling users for their preferences!

I’m enjoying my stay on iodé very much at the moment. :smiley:

Actually in iodéOS, for all Pixel devices :

  • VoLTE works
  • VoWIFI does not work
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Ah, thank you for the information. Hugely disappointing but never mind. Next job will be to try and find a way to manage without it. Fortunately I don’t get many calls but the signal around here is terrible.

Inexpensive alternative to Wi-Fi calling: TeleGuard IP telephony. I make calls to all fixed and mobile networks worldwide, anonymously!

TeleGuard Messenger Messenger ‘Made in Swiss’ offers its users worldwide the opportunity to make inexpensive calls to mobile and landline networks via IP telephony. Your own phone number is not displayed, but a pseudo number!

VoWIFI will work on Pixel 6 and 6a, next betas / releases.


Whoa, that’s great news. I must head over to your website and sign in for beta testing. Thank you.
Before that though, must send you a coffee!

Didn’t know Iodé for 6a was available?

It is :wink:

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Google Pixel 5 (redfin) with ProtonAOSP (minimal) has option / buttons for WiFi calls.

Wi-fi calling

I don’t know if you noticed…

And that’s what it is. In iodèOS which is not ProtonAOSP

What other CustomROM developers offer, iodé can always do. It’s only a matter of time, as the Pixel 6 and 6a examples show. Without the request from @chrisrg, status wouldn’t be in sight at the moment.