Updates for supported devices

When the updates are more less happenig? My sony xa2 is in android 11 for a while and iodeos is still in 10.

Hello @nax, remember please: iodeos = lineageOS 17.1 + MicroG + adblocker

The first LineageOS 18.1 build was released on April 8, 2021, and the first Llineage-18.1-for-microG was released on April 11, 2021. The Migration from iodéOS to a new realease requires plenty of work time. Let’s give the iodé team the time they need!

After all, a stable iodéOS based on Android 10 offers everything that is needed - and significantly more than LineageOS. For me, the monthly Android security patch on the 5th of a month is more important than a new version number.


Any news on sec.patch updates? Im still on march for the s9.

i thought @iodysseus says that it was every 5th day of the month??

I have not seen any updates since I installed this Rom in the beginning of March. Anyone with a s9 who have got an update since March?

Hello @nax,
Hello @multaion,
on the 5th of each month, Android security patches are usually published by Google. These then have to be implented into the iodéROM. The GrapheneOS team does this the fastest on a permanent basis, and they are often quicker with the release than Google itself. LineageOS takes different amounts of time - often until the middle of the month. About 3-7 days later, LineageOS-for-microG and other ROM images release their updates. But it has also happened that the micrG team was faster than the LOS team.

By the way: There is currently no current build other than March 2021. Let’s hope that this will change in the next few days

Thank you for the info. I’m a bit worried will iodè keep maintain future versions for samsung since lineage stopped it’s support. It would be awesome to keep using iodè even tho I’m on Samsung phone. There are to few dev that are thinking about privacy and security.

from what you say, it should have been a release security in April, that has never been there ,and we will might be close to the one in May?

Yes, i’m still on february security patch and when looking on gitlab and their homepage nothing new have been uploaded since the beginning of March on any supported device.

You aren’t taking into account the current ‘official’ update cycle of iodé.tech, which is 2-monthly for staff reasons.

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Admins/devs any news on next update. Is it a problem that lineage has stopped to maintain samsung s9 devices?

Granted, this is a ROM/ service that is built by people not doing this for their living. However it still would be great to understand what the idea is in regards of this OS and the update policy.

The OS is still awesome though!

We are actually starting to beta test our next update on our supported devices. The next release is planned for May no exact date yet.