Update schedule

I have made a couple of unofficial builds of IodéOS for devices which are not currently supported officially. I am trying to work out when / how often I should be looking to maek updates builds.

I found a relevant post in this thread

But that thread is quite old, and I wondered if that is still the schedule.

Are updates announced in this forum?

Are they announced anywhere else?

It would be great to get a norification when updates are being / have been made or released. Is there a git repo or RSS feed I can subscribe to?


We will still stick to an official release each two months.
However, beta builds are generally available each month, shortly after lineage security patch release. We will update the sources in the staging branches accordingly, just after we successfully build the new betas. It is difficult to give precise dates however, as it depends on lineage.
You can follow lineage security patch integration here : History for core/version_defaults.mk - LineageOS/android_build · GitHub, and thus iodé integration (for v4) here : https://gitlab.com/iode/os/public/lineage/build/-/commits/v4-staging/core/version_defaults.mk

Btw, february lineage security patch has been publicly released a few hours ago only, this does not appear clearly on github…

That’s great - thank you.

Current instructions for building says to use v3-staging branch of https://gitlab.com/iode/os/public/manifests/android.git repo in the repo init command. That repo now has more public branches: v4.0, v3.4, v3.5 etc. Is it now OK to use these branches for building?

Yes you can use the branch you want, provided you have a corresponding device tree (v3 A12, v4 A13, …).
staging branches are development ones (that I push only when I have a relatively stable beta, the other ones correspond to sources of official releases.

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