Unofficial build for Sony Xperia ZX1 Compact (lilac)

I noticed that non-googlemaps Apps didnt find gps fix when I didnt run Google Maps right before .
It seems that google maps has a mechanism that initiates updating the gps almanach better/faster than other apps do…

Thanks, I have changed my settings to match yours, I’ll see.
I have microG version

And on another subject, since you’ve made your own unofficial build, are you dropping these iodé builds ?

No. I build & use los4microG but I also make IodéOS builds for this and other devices. No recent builds for lilac as the upstream code is currently broken and needs work by the maintainer before it will build


So I tried the GPS with your settings and it’s a lot better !!!
Once again thank you so much :partying_face:

No recent new builds for Sony XZ1 family devices

I have not yet been able to make an Iodé 5 build for this device, or for the other ZX1 devices (poplar, maple). This is because

  • my builds for these devices rely on the code owned and maintained by the developer(s) of the unofficial LineageOS ROMs for these devices;
  • the Android 14 / lineage21.0 versions of this code have not yet had the necessary updates to allow it to build following the breaking changes introduced in the April AOSP quarterly project release (QPR2)
  • so if I try to make an Android 14 / lineage-21.0 / Iodé5 build, the build fails.

I hope that the upstream developer(s) fr these devices will have time to make the necessary changes so that new builds can succeed. If / when they do, then making lineage-21.0 and Iodé 5 builds for them will go to the top of my ‘To Do’ list.

If it looks like that the necessary changes are not going to be made, then I will (reluctantly) revert to making lineage-20.0 and Iodé 4 builds for them


Updated upstream (unofficial LineageOS) builds are now available on SourceForge so Iodé 5 should be buildable.

A new item for my ‘To Do’ list :wink:

OK here’s an Iodé 5.1 build:

Dirty flash over the 4.10 version seems to work OK


Done ! Thanks a lot.
I have two xz1 compact and on one of them when I install the new build with recovery, at the first reboot I didn’t have the gallery app anymore. When I went to “Applications” I saw that it was there but not on the launcher. I deinstalled the photo app reboot and then reinstalled it and reboot and it appeared.
I don’t know what happened. Anyway on my other xz1 compact it was there at the first boot.
And for the time being everything seems to work.
Thanks again

Thanks for the build, Pete.

By the way, the lack-of-audio-during-calls issue I had on /e/OS, which was corrected by switching to iodéOS last year, has recently started happening on iodé. :man_shrugging:

Successfully dirty-flashed… after I finally figured out why my backup kept failing (had to reformat µSD card as exFAT, and then skip signature verification).

All data, settings, layout, apps carried over, except Camera app is different now (I like it, though; I had been using Open Camera), and Breezy replaced GeoWeather (which I had disabled anyway - I have been using Forecastie).

Everything seems to be working except the lack-of-audio-during-calls problem, which is still present.

Switched over from LineageOS for microG yesterday, all working fine so far. Thanks, as always! :slight_smile:

I used Shizuku and Pixel IMS to enable VoLTE and WiFi Calling. My phone is still reverting to 3G for calls, so it could be a carrier compatibility problem.

By the way with the new build my visual voicemail works again :wink:
So maybe it was not a provider problem. I don’t know.