Unofficial build for Sony Xperia ZX1 Compact (lilac)

It is available on AndroidFileHost here

I installed it using TWRP version twrp-3.6.2_12-0-20221002-lilac.img downloaded from here and flashed as described here

I copied the ROM to external SD card and installed it from there using TWRP., after formatting the data partition. It should also be possible to install it via sideload as described here

Note that this build

  • does not support re-locking the bootloader (which is in any case not possible or desirable on Sony devices)
  • is a user-debug build, with rooted debugging selectable in Developer Options, to allow use of tools like Android Backup and Restore Tools project

The only issue I have encountered is tha F-Droid will offer an update to microG Services Core, but the update will fail with the errort

Error installing microG Services Core
Error -7: A previously installed package of the same name has a differnet signature than the new package (and the old package's data was not removed)

I have created this issue about this, but in the meantime the workaround is to choose Ignore this update from the ‘3 dots’ menu.

I’m very happy to happy to know if anyone finds it useful, and to receive any feedback

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Very cool! Planning any other builds? :slight_smile:

Not really. I have built for this device and for Pixel 4a (sunfish), because I own those devices.

I would happily build for Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact, which I also own, but they are only supported by LineageOS up to version 18.1 / Android 11, which corresponds to IodéOS 2, and Iodé have not opened up their sources for that version.

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I have installed this ROM on my XZ1 compact successfully. But I have the problem, that ALL Apps from F-Droid couldn’t be installed.
The (german) error message is: Der Erweiterung wurden keine Sonderrechte erteilt! Bitte einen Fehlerbericht erstellen! → Translated: No special rights have been granted to the extension! Please create a bug report!
Without working F-Droid it’s not usable.
Aurora Store is working as expected.

Edit: If you disable in the expert settings of F-Droid the privileged extension, then you can install Apps successfully.

Sorry about that.

The issue is already raised

A new build is available which should fix the issue

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A new unofficial Iodé 4.0 build is now available at AndroidFileHost

I have clean flashed this, and everything seems to work OK. Dirty flash over the previous 3.4 build may work, but I have not tested it.

Have fun!

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Now I’ve tested it and it does seem to work OK. The only issue I found was that the shortcut to Settings on the Hpme Screen didn’t work, giving error “App is not installed”. Removed the shortcut, then recreated it, and all was well

Hi there,

I just installed iodeOS 4.0.
Same bug as @neuberi but I disable the previleged extension as you said and it works.
I didn’t try it with a SIM on, so I don’t know if everything works but I’ll try that soon.

I have a question, this build is on Android 13. If I want to go back to another ROM which is on an older version of android can it be possible ?

And last question do you think one day we’ll have OTA on this device on iode ?

That’s weird. That problem existed in the 3.4 build bit should be fixed in the 4.0 build. I will experiment to see if I can reproduce it here

It should be possible. I quite often swap between Android versions on my test device without any problems. You will probably have to format your data partition, so back up your apps and data fore you change. As mentioned above, this build

I used that tool to migrate my ‘daily driver’ device from my custom L4M build, without any problems. And I have used it in the past to migrate apps and data to a ROM running an older Android version.

That would be great, but don’t hold your breath, for a number of reasons :slight_smile:

  1. Iodé (correctly IMHO) do not seem to be in any hurry to add new devices, and they do not have any defined pathway for having unofficial builds become “official”. (thouhg I am not aware of any other unofficial builds apart from this one and the build I made for PIxel 4a
  2. This device is not officially supported by LineageOS, and I don;t know how Iodé would feel about that
  3. Also, their policy is to only make and ship user builds without rooted debugging, which means the ABRT tool wont work. As that tool is essential to my workflow, and as there is no other working way to backup / restore / migrate apps and data, I won’t be making any user builds

What might be possible is for them to agree to allow unofficial builds to be distributed OTA using their infrastructure. It’s not something I’ve raised with them, bit I could ask :slight_smile:

I hope the build works out OK for you. I am enjoying using IodéOS

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My bad: the fix for FDroid vanished in the air… the problem of having the same repo/branch at different places. I updated the vendor/extra repo again, you should sync it once again…

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The fix was to add the following line to prebuilts/FDroid/

Looking at the latest in gitlab, that line is not present

I have re-synced the repo in my build tree, and it’s not there either :frowning: Am I missing something very basic?

Hum. Here it is, now.

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Ok I re-flashed it and this time it worked without the need to disable the privileged extensions in f-droid

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Here’s a new build Built from the v4-staging tag

Available from AndroidFIleHost

I have tried clean flash, and dirty flash over iode-4.0-20230221-lilac: both seem to work OK. But as always, if you are going to dirty flash, then I would advise backing up your current setup (using Android Backup and Restore Tools project. This is a user-debug build so rroted debugging is supported)

Feedback welcome. Have fun!

I have done a dirty flash since I don’t really know how to backup my apps.
I will try to understand Android Backup and Restore Tools project but I really don’t have time right now to do so, so I stick with backup from TWRP just in case.
Anyway I’ve been using IodéOS for one week and I like it very much actually. Thanks a lot.
Today (before the update and after also), I had the issue with F-Droid and the offer to update microG services core and also FakeStore (iodéOS version of microG Fakestore) but that failed. I did what you said (ignore this update).

Thanks again if I see other problems I’ll tell you

Here’s a new build.

It fixes the signing problems documented in this issue and this post

Clean flash, and dirty flash over the previous version both seem to work OK

I’ve done a dirty flash and same as before for the update of microG services core and FakeStore. “Error-7” unable to do the update

:frowning: Sorry about that. It may be that backup, clean flash, restore is the only way to get round this one.

There may be some magic that can be done with adb or adb shell to get rid of the badly signed microG services core and FakeStore. I’ll have to have a play. Or you can learn how to drive Android Backup & Restore :slight_smile:

Well I did a clean flash and it worked. But I had to reinstall everything since I couldn’t restore my apps data, I tried to do it with TWRP but apparently I messed up. I don’t really understand how it works so…
Anyway one day I’ll learn and it will be easier but the update on fakestore mircog etc… worked this time

TWRP backup hasn’t worked well for me since Android Q or R. Android Backup & Restore tools really is the way to go

I wrote a short ‘how to’ post in the /e/ forums for someone who thought it might be too complicated. (It really isn’t :slight_smile: )

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