Switching from LineageOS to iodéOS on an S5e - do I need to re-flash stock first?

Hi, I have a Galaxy Tab S5e currently running LineageOS for MicroG, but I’d like to switch to iodéOS now that there is a build available for this device. I believe the device has the latest firmware from the last update I did before installing LineageOS. Do I need to return to stock first before I go through the iodéOS installation process, or can I proceed directly from LineageOS? Threads such as this one suggest not but I’d like to double check first. Thanks!

@Kai, ich habe 2 Galaxy Tab S5e. Bei Beiden war erst LineageOs oben. Mit TWRP habe ich IodeOs darüberinstalliert. Es gab keine Probleme.

@Kai, I have 2 Galaxy Tab S5e. Both had LineageOs on top first. With TWRP I installed IodeOs on top. There were no problems.

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We also have done it without issues, it should be fine.
But it is not guaranteed that it will always work.

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Thanks @Sandy and @tbenoit for your replies. I went ahead with the install straight from LineageOS and have successfully booted into iodéOS. :slight_smile:

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