Change from e/os to iode, d2s Note10+, need to flash stock rom first?

Dear community.
I installed e/os some month ago, unfortunately I did not realised that time it is not supported officially, just development builds.
May be I would like to give iode a try, but prior to that I need to know how you would recommend to proceed.

First item
Do I need to flash to stock first?
Or can I adb flash the iode-recovery and with recovery installed adb flash the rom?

Second item
Any web-based storage on iode server, I would pay for storage content on monthly basis, or is the back-up to be organised individually?

Regards and thank you for feedback

I guess you had updated to latest stock android 12 before installing eOS? In which case you should be OK to follow iode install instructions from step 3.

No to the storage and you would have to take care of your own backups.

Happy flashing! :grinning:

Firmware is embedded in Samsung 10 series iodéOS builds, so in principle no need to flash stock.

Dear chrisrg and vince31fr
Yes, I was enforced by OEM when I received the mobile.
I tested the device several weeks prior to degoogle.
Thank you for reply.