(Poll) Vote for the next device to be supported by iodéOS!

yes plz a support for the jote 10 plus 5g!

Samsung Galaxy A8 dual sim :grin:

Volla Phone 22

Poco F1 Its not good choice, because this phone have problem with CPU. The processor can ceases to physically connect to the PCB.

How about Asus Zenfone 8?

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Google Pixel 7a (lynx)

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GS5 is basically identical with Volla Phone 22, so vote for that.

It would be cool to have donations that can be directed towards a specific feature or phone support (given it already has lineage support). I’d be willing to put money towards pixel 7 support. I know porting can be done unofficially but I like guaranteed updates and support.

Google Pixel 7a

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In general, I would like official support for all Pixel devices and future Pixel devices.


Google Pixel 6 Pro

Some up-to-date Sony Xperia devices, from their Sony Open Devices project. Currenlty the only Sony devices supported by IodéOS are ‘Legacy’ devices. The list of supported devices is here.

Unlike many manufacturers, Sony are good at supporting AOSP and other custom ROMs, and it would be good to acknowledge that by making IodéOS available for more of their devices.


Samsung Xcover 6 Pro
It has good repairability, and unlike the Fairphone 4/5 it also has a headphone jack.

This may have gone a little unnoticed (briefly mentioned in the last OTA news), but the SHIFT6mq (2nd one in the poll) is now supported by iodé : Release iodéOS 4.x for Shift SHIFT6mq · iodeOS/ota · GitHub.

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I perceived it joyfully.
I hope it now has users and wasn’t just a survey.
Can you say how many downloads there have been so far? That you can get a picture…

The picture is clear : 1 download !
Btw this information is public, you can for example use GitHub Release Stats (repo owner: iodeos, repo name: ota).
It has been published just a few days ago… this is probably a matter of time.

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sure. wait and see…
Some advertising in their forums could be beneficial

thanks. very interesting.
Shows me, it was a good decission to take the pixels in the support list.
And also the Fairphone users appreciate iodéOS. → Will take a note in their Forum

Did some advertisement in their Forum:

I hope it is received positively.
I can’t judge what their community is like…
Let’s wait and see the reactions.

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Something with sdcard. Android phone without it is unusable for me.