(Poll) Vote for the next device to be supported by iodéOS!

I voted for the shiftphone (although it is very expensive) and Xiaomi f2, f3, or X3. The Xiaomi 12 would also be nice. I don’t like the Pixels as they have high SAR values.
Any updates on when the next phone choices will be released?
I’ve never used Iodé before and excited to get my first phone with it. :slight_smile:

Maybe a google pixel, to give an alternative to Graphen OS ??

A smaller phone would also be amazing - I hate huge phones.
Any updates on when the new releases will happen?

smaller then what?

Just generally :slight_smile:

Small phones seem to have gone out of fashion :frowning: I own a few Sony Xperia compact phones (Z3 Compact, Z5 Compact, XZ1 Compact) which are all around the “right” size for me.

Building an unofficial iodéOS ROM for at least one of these is on my to-do list. I’m waiting to fond out whether iodéOS can be built for phones only supported up to LineageOS 18.1.

The XZ2 Compact is on the list in the poll, so maybe vote for that.

We did not release the sources for iodé v2, it takes time to refactorize a bit and ensure the system can be built; it’s not a priority now and we may or may not do it.
However: lineage supports android 12 on XZ2 compact, so iodé 3 can be relatively easily built for it.

Thanks. I was hoping to build for Z3 and Z3 Compact, which are only supported up to LOS 18.

My main motivation for building custom ROMs is prolong the working life of older phones, to help break the unsustainable cycle of scrapping and replacing perfectly good d vices every couple of years

Yes I understand, we share the same concerns. I can’t promise anything, but we’ll try to find the time to release v2 branch as well.


Galaxy S21 is relatively small and new so maybe a good idea

About Galaxy S20 / S21: at least last time I took a look, it seems that 5G has not been implemented in aosp/lineage for these devices yet, and will maybe never be ported. In my opinion, this is a major disadvantage.

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which of these devices do you expect to be supported next? I own a Mi 10t Pro and a Poco F2 Pro and am considering parting with one of these devices. I like the Poco F2 Pro better because of the pop-up camera (better privacy), but unfortunately it doesn’t support IodéOS and is therefore mainly in the drawer.

Hi Antoine,

are there any news regarding the devices planned for November?

Best regards

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Pixel 2 XL

Any more news on whether this might happen, and when?


Personally, I think you should focus on devices other than the Pixel line - those have other good options already.
I’m happy that you support the Samsung S10 and would hope that you continue giving such flagship devices a second, privacy-focused live :slight_smile:

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I see the v2-staging branch is now public - thanks very much :slight_smile:

I wanted to test a bit more and announce it later, but yes, it is released. Don’t hesitate to report issues!


Not raised an issue, but posted here:

Happy to raise an issue too if you wish

add support for Samsung note plus 5g plz, my IodéOS for note 10 plus isnt recongizing the sim on my note 10 plus 5g phone~~