New supported devices : OnePlus 9 and Pixel 4/5

I’m pleased to announce that two devices have been added to our pool of supported devices: OnePlus 9 and Pixel 5. OnePlus 9 pro will be added soon, plus some other Pixel models.

For those looking for a light device with big autonomy, Pixel 5 is near perfect.

For those looking for a very powerful device with big screen, OnePlus 9 is great.



Super, das hört sich gut an… :+1:

Pixel 4 has been added too.


The avaibility of iodé for Google Pixel devices and what’s more with a relocked bootloader is a great achievment ! Now that iodé has started to support Google Pixel devices, I hope that the Pixel 4a and support for the whole Google Pixel family will follow soon.

Only pixels up to 5 are supported by LOS, so iode can only support devices that are supported by LOS

If buying the NA, T-Mobile version of the OP9 Pro (LE2127), would it be necessary to flash a OOS12, EU version before being able to ADB sideload IodéOS 3.x?

I need the NA version to get all the carrier support I can for my region.

I found this guide on the XDA forums for loading an EU ROM.

Would this work? Could this possibly cause network connection issues? I really need those NA carriers.

Would be so nice if I could simply buy an unlocked NA version with IodéOS already on it, to support the developers and save me some time.

Edit (12/20/2022): Could also buy the primary NA version, the LE2125. With this, doesn’t look like there needs to be a workaround like the LE2127 requires.

I don’t want to take away your hope
But: iodé on the OP9 is very new. And whether there is another iodé OP9 user with exactly these requirements is very unlikely
Nobody else will be able to tell you anything about this very specific problem.

But I just assume that you can orientate yourself to OP9 users who use normal LOS or LOS-based cROMS. In this respect, iodé does nothing different from normal LOS

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What’s the likelihood the 4a non-5g will be added? :slight_smile:

No! Only the LE2120, LE2121, LE2123 and LE2125 models are supported by LineageOS and iodéOS respectively.

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Likely going to buy the LE2125 model, which should support all the carriers I need, even for T-Mobile.

The OnePlus 5T as well as the OnePlus 6T is even fully 100% USA Cricket and AT&T compatible via 4G LTE, T-Mobile anyway. There is even a custom ROM based on LineageOS 20.0 on the aftermarket where the bootloader can be locked again.

Is this likely to be the last new devices for the foreseeable future, or do the IodéOS devs plan regular new devices? Any others planned soon? Second - are the preinstalled phones likely to be restocked soon? Most are out of stock currently.

I’m very pleased with the top-notch functioning of iodéOS 3.4 on the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 5. Being able to lock the bootloader again is the cherry on top of the installation.

An iodéOS for the much sold Google Pixel 6a (bluejay) in the foreseeable future would be a welcome addition.

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As soon as LOS will support the new Google Tensor chip and there are official releases for it, it should be possible

Yeah, there’s no question in my mind that the iodé team could build a ROM. The question is, do they have the manpower and time?

Will see :wink:

Englisch / Französisch >>>

Hallo, zusammen! Habe ein passendes OnePlus 9pro gebraucht erstanden, weil sie bei Iodé ja leider vergriffen sind. Nun stehe ich vor der spannenden Frage, ob ich vor dem aufbügeln von Iodé das angebotene Update auf Android 13 laufen lasse. Es ist bekannt, dass Android 12 auf dem OnePlus 9 einige Bugs hat die wohl mit dem Upgrade gleich behoben wurden. (u.a. funzt die GCam nicht mehr - nach dem Update geht das angeblich wieder).

In der Anleitung von Iodé heißt es sinnegmäß aktualisieren, was geht. In der LineageOS Anleitung - das im Gegensatz zu Iodé schon in Version 20, also Android 13 gibt - heißt es ausdrücklich nur Android 12 passt als Voraussetzung. Andernfalls solle man ein Up-oder Downgrade machen.

Ich gehe also davon aus, dass sich die Aufforderung zum Update in der Iodé Anleitung nur auf Updates INNERHALB von Android 12 bezieht. Und ich habe das Update mal vorsichtshalber gestoppt! Ist das richtig?

Ich habe nur bedenken, dass ich so u.U. mit den Limitierungen (Buggs) von Android 12 leben muss. Funktionieren alle drei Kameralinsen in der aktuellen 3.4 von Iodé für das OnePlus 9pro?

— English —

Hello, everyone! I bought a OnePlus 9pro second-hand because they are unfortunately out of stock at Iodé. Now I am faced with the exciting question of whether to run the offered update to Android 13 before ironing on Iodé. It is known that Android 12 on the OnePlus 9 has some bugs that were probably fixed with the upgrade. (Among other things, the GCam no longer works - after the update, this is supposedly possible again).

In the instructions from Iodé, it says to update sensibly, which is possible. In the LineageOS manual - which, in contrast to Iodé, is already available in version 20, i.e. Android 13 - it explicitly states that only Android 12 is suitable as a prerequisite. Otherwise, you should upgrade or downgrade.

So I assume that the request for an update in the Iodé manual only refers to updates WITHIN Android 12. And I stopped the update just in case! Is that right?

I’m just worried that I might have to live with the limitations (bugs) of Android 12. Do all three camera lenses work in the current 3.4 from Iodé for the OnePlus 9pro?

— Française —
Bonjour à tous ! J’ai acheté un OnePlus 9pro d’occasion qui me convient, car ils sont malheureusement épuisés chez Iodé. Je suis maintenant confronté à la question passionnante de savoir si je dois faire la mise à jour proposée vers Android 13 avant de repasser chez Iodé. On sait qu’Android 12 sur le OnePlus 9 a quelques bugs qui ont été corrigés lors de la mise à jour. (entre autres, la GCam ne fonctionne plus - après la mise à jour, il paraît que cela fonctionne à nouveau).

Dans le guide de Iodé, il est dit de mettre à jour de manière sinueuse, ce qui est possible. Dans le mode d’emploi de LineageOS - qui, contrairement à Iodé, existe déjà en version 20, c’est-à-dire sous Android 13 - il est dit expressément que seul Android 12 convient comme condition préalable. Dans le cas contraire, il faut faire une mise à niveau ou une rétrogradation.

Je suppose donc que l’invitation à la mise à jour dans le guide Iodé ne concerne que les mises à jour à l’intérieur d’Android 12. Et j’ai arrêté la mise à jour par précaution ! Est-ce correct ?

Je crains seulement de devoir vivre avec les limitations (bugs) d’Android 12. Est-ce que les trois lentilles de la caméra fonctionnent dans la version 3.4 actuelle de Iodé pour le OnePlus 9pro ?

also ich würde folgendermaßen vorgehen

  1. Installiere das offizielle A13 OTA Update, dass dir angeboten wird
  2. Installiere die OP9Pro beta v4 (A13) nach der Anleitung der v3 (ist gleiches Vorgehen)
  3. Update dann den Beta Updater auf die v4, dass weitere Beta Updates der v4 angeboten werden.

Damit bist du mit iodé ebenfalls auf A13. Die Beta ist alltagstauglich

Beta Download:

Beta Updater:

Klingt gut. Ich versuche mein Glück (mit den Images vom 12.01.) und gehe davon aus, dass es gute Gründe dafür gibt, dass die Anleitung v3 von LineageOS abweicht :wink:

So einfach wird man zum Betatester :joy:


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Hat es geklappt?