iodéOS + root

Since v2.3, iodéOS uses user build type instead of userdebug(with the ability to enable additional debugging that normally violates the security model of the platform).
As a consequence root access and debug capabilities are no longer available in developer mode.

If you still want to have root access, you would need to flash a more permissive recovery such as TWRP & flash Magisk from the recovery using the following commands:

adb sideload Magisk.apk

And after reboot:

adb install Magisk.apk

I used the default sideload process and am rooted with the latest Magisk but no joy. Have hit the wall of understanding and unfortunately no joy here. Back to my iPhone 8+ for now until I can recoup enough patience and understanding again. Maybe in a year or two the problem may resolve itself. If only someone could add the Visible the global APN settings to the default APN list as I stated in the TeraCube forum under Visible + Teracube. But nonetheless, I digress. Oil well.

Another thought is that this does seem to be a Lineage OS related issue. Maybe in a year or two things will become clearer around this?

Would anyone be so kind as to share how they have rooted iodéOS for FP2 3.1 20220726?
Laying out a step-by-step guide to rooting the most current version of iode would be super helpful since the recovery change.

I have the Magisk app already installed, but I ask because I’m used to taking the boot.img from the ROM (like with CalyxOS) and patching it, then uploading it and using the Magisk app. With this version of iode, I don’t even see a boot.img to alter in the iodéOS for FP4 .zip file, just a huge payload.bin file and some other bits.

How have you guys successfully rooted iodéOS 3.1 20220726 with Magisk? Thanks!

For extract the payload.bin I’am using this python script: