How to install IodeOS on Xiaomi Mi9? (need a clear guide)

Hello, I would need a clear guide on how to install IodeOS on Xiaomi Mi9

I am a beginner in installing new ROMs and I don’t understand anything about what is explained on the website: iodéOS installation - iodé

It would be great to have a clear step by step guide for regular users who have no clue about all this and want to migrate from Android!

For me, this is a clear step by step guide.

But, how to use adb, sideload, recovery (twrp) can not be part of that.

If you don’t know anything about that, then a step by step guide is not the solution. It cannot go into that deep, if no knowledge is available by the user.

It’s on you to read and learn about all of these topics first.
To many prerequisites…

Hi all, I would like to flash latest version of the iodèOS onto my mi9.
I don’t know what miui base is required, if it’s needed to remove encription and other things.
An installation guide would be welcome, thanks

Hello @ceppy,
the iodé forum is still well manageable and therefore posts are relatively easy to find - if you use the Search option (top right - magnifying glass). If you use this, you will immediately find the thread How to install IodeOS on Xiaomi Mi9? (need a clear guide). A link there branches to the website of, etc… So as a welcome, here is the official guide of the team, extended a little bit by me.


  1. Update the stock firmware to the latest
  2. Unlock your phone by following the instructions from Xiaomi website
  3. adb reboot bootloader (or press power+VOLUME DOWN)
  4. fastboot flash recovery iodé mi9 recovery image
  5. Press POWER+VOLUME UP until reboot in recovery
  6. From recovery => Factory reset => Format Data/factory reset
  7. From recovery => Apply update => Apply from ADB => adb sideload <> (Mi 9 zip ROM 1.x here)
  8. Mi 9 zip ‘official’ ROM 3.x here
  9. If you want to try Mi 9 zip ROM 3.1 ‘beta’ - here.

With a ‘Clean Flash’ nothing stands in the way of a successful installation. Happy flashing!

Thank you for the reply. I saw that thread but it’s referred to iodè 1.x which is currently running in my phone.
Latest stock firmware is RFACNXM but it’s a China fw, not an EEA.
I never flashed a non EEA fw before so this creates doubts to me.
Also almost all android 12 roms require an encription removal because twrp can’t decript them.

Just use iodé-Recovery 3.0 or 3.1 which is based on the code of Lineage-Recovery - and it will work.

Got a working installation but now can’t get root.
Tried to sideload, booting twrp from fastboot and patching boot.img from magisk app then flashing it from fastboot…no luck

edit: even patching iodè recovery with magisk app doesn’t work

Rooting - with all its advantages and disadvantages, whether it makes sense with iodéOS or not - the topic is like a never-ending story.

Using the Search function, you can find this thread, among others: iodéOS + root

It’s what I did, with twrp installed root is back.
Thanks for your support