Install new system font?

Is there a way to install a new font? I really like Terminus (it has a TTF version) and I want to use it on my iodé phone.


I think the only way is to install a external app (but don’t ask me which) that can modify your desktop/theme.

i don’t see any internal possibility

Maybe with a magisk module ?
In exemple (never test it , use it at your own risk) Xda Link
Search one on your favorite search provider

Are there iodéOS specific instructions for using Magisk? I couldn’t find anything and I’d rather not create a security risk to my phone.

I was hoping I could just use adb root and replace one of the three non-default system fonts (such as Lato). That way my phone itself isn’t rooted. I saw someone else on here used adb root to fix a banking app not working, but I guess that no longer works on iodéOS? I tried it and it said I had to turn it on in developer options but it’s not there. Did iodéOS use to be a userdebug build?

Don’t know about magisk.
I realise that last Lawnchair launcher build allows you to change the fonts. There is maybe 100 or more different fonts. Not sure this applied to the whole system but maybe to the launcher desktop and app drawer. you may give a try.


Ok just test it, seems to be new experimental option, and not sure it works yet.

Indeed since version 2.3 iodéOS is in user mode. This should actually make banking apps to work.
adb root is no longer available, you would need to sideload & install Magisk using an alternate recovery to have root access
I actually just made a little howto root iodé here if that helps :slight_smile:

I’ve decided not to do this, as the font I wanted to use has no extended unicode support. So a lot of stuff wouldn’t display correctly.