GPS lock takes a minute

When using GPSTest, satellites show up immediately, but it takes 64 seconds to find the location.

Not only the numbers of available GPS satellits are important. When all nearly on the same place on the sky, it is not possible to calculate the position on earth. Furthermore, the intensity of the signals are important. In buildings rather bad. Try the SatStat app and see a sky visualization: SatStat | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Edit: Oh, sorry, the GPSTest app has also a sky vizualisation. Look at that.

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Same issue in the woods, where there were plenty of satellites around.

I’m often hiking in the woods around my living place.
It takes sometimes 2-3 minutes to get a fix
In the garden it 20-30 seconds

No microG, no NLPs
Pure GPS