GPS is not accurate and slow

IodéOS 3.1, Galaxy S10e. GPS is slow and not accurate. I was trying all location modules, except Apple WiFi. When I traveling, mostly on bike, wifi is not available so I prefer offline types ( with offline database, déjá vu, mozilla location). But even with data connection, GPS is unreliable.

On Galaxy A5 2017 with Iodé 2.6, there is no issue.

Anyone has similar problem?

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I have quite the same problem here, but my phone is a Fairphone 4.
When I try to use GPS, it cannot find my location (at all).
But if I reboot, it will work. What about you?
I did not measured how much time it takes for the GPS being disfunctionnal, but that’s a strange issue that I have with iodé 3.x, and also had with iodé 2.x

I think I need to check with stock ROM if that’s not a harlware problem :thinking:

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Restart wont change anything for me. I recently tried LOS for MicroG on A5 2017 and GPS works OK. It take time for first time but then it works fine. S10e wont catch GPS for navigation at all. Well it is about 1-5km away and wont refresh with movement.

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Did you find a solution? I have the same problem, with a Samsung s10e and the GPS doesn’t work properly, not easy when travelling by bike… Your solution would be helpful!

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I moved to LoS for MicroG, but GPS here is even worse. I’ll go back to iodé 4.x soon. Hopefully with fixed issue.

Ok, thank you for jour answer. I will also try the options described in another discussion (write “GPS” and you will find it).
Please let me know if your solution works! Thank you :slight_smile:
And good luck!

Hello @shumafuk,
Some nice guys helped me with this issue on another discussion. You can check here if it can help you too : GPS lock takes a minute - #16 by Tartana07

I agree that GPS is not accurate and slow. GPS sometimes writes me I’m located 500 km from where I am.

It’s also slow when we use apps with pre downloaded maps, especially if you’re not connected to the not necessary 3G/4G network to get a position.

I believe it’s possible to correct those problems: in the meanwhile the good thing is that these features also just tell me to f*** off from my phone with the 6G awaiting at the corner. :grin:

@Waterfox which phone? Model?

SONY Xperia XA2 H4133.

Have you tried this:

This solved it for me (S10+).