GPS lock takes a minute

Hello @Tartana07, thank you for asking your question. As I mentioned in my earlier post - GPS lock takes a minute - #14 by Guillermo - this app has a possibility to clear assist data and inject PSDS data.

I want to emphasize that a GPS lock within in less than over 2 minutes is really absolutely good! If you want to locate satellites near the site of the previous fix, you will find that it can take place in mere seconds, (much) less than 20 for example! Provided the previous fix didn’t take place too long ago. When a new fix is made on a pitch far away from the previous one, it can take up to 3 minutes (or much more). That’s how it works.

Note: If you move around, that has a huge positive effect on the time taken!

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Does Iodé support Galileo GNSS ?
My Samsung S10e is supposed to be Galileo compatible, but both GPSTest and SatStat only show (9 to 11) GPS satellites and (3 to 6) Glonass satellites.

I refreshed A-GPS with SatStat, and imported PSDS and tremporal data with GPSTest.

On a side note, GPSTest warns that SBAS satellites are not available. Is that normal ?

My Sony XZ2 with iode 4.6 shows the Galileo satellites, tested with GPStest

Thank you @laneb for your feedback !
This proves that Iodé 4.6 supports Galileo GNSS.

I am using Iodé 4.5. I will soon switch to Iodé 4.6.

Hello everybody,

First of all : happy new year :grinning:

I’m coming back about the GPS issue. It is better than when i first wrote here, but it’s still not great. I tried to stay with that, but it’s really too hard. I would say that GPS works in 5 seconds for 10% of the cases, in 30 seconds for 30%, 2 minutes for 20%, and doesn’t work for the 40% left (or takes more than 2 minutes, so I considere it is not working).

Can anybody help me about that? I am also considering going back to “the devil” (Google and friends) or using their tools, because i really need GPS as i am bike travelling.

Thank you for your help, and have a nice day.

PS : i am a simple iode telephone user, i am not good with informatics or technical stuff so i sometimes need informations with easy langage ^^ thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Tartana07 ,

Almost 10 years ago, XDA developers created a Howto video just about How to Make Your GPS Lock Faster !
I did not try it, and don’t know how relevant it remains 9+ years later, but you may give it a try (and give feedback ! :wink: ).


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There’s only the assisted GPS, SUPL and NLP settings.
If you cannot get a better fix with it, it’s your device (in combination with iodeOS or custom ROMs in general)
But, it’s not iodeOS itself, on my four devices (pixel 5, pixel 6a and monet with iode and OPO 6t with divestOS) i get a fix within seconds



On my Fairphone 3+, it usually takes ~2 minutes to have a correct position or does not work at all, except if I launch OsmAnd~, then the time needed is ~ halved or better and works all the time if I keep this app open.
I have all the settings described by AlphaElwedritsch in GPS lock takes a minute - #11 by AlphaElwedritsch

I do not know what OsmAnd~ is using to acquire position, but it is far better than the other apps I’ve tested on my phone, like OpenTracks or Vespucci.

So when I need my geolocation, I launch OsmAnd~ first during ~ 1 minute, and then the app I need.

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Thank you all for your answers.

I watched the video given by @Cobus, it seemed to be easy to do. I am supposed to put a document in a folder name “system / etc” but un fortuna tell i don’t find it. Do you think it is because i don’t search it correctly (it can be possible) or because the devices changed since then ?

@Canard, i now use mapy.CZ that seems to be faster than thé other app I used before, but it s still complicaed.

I read your message @alpha , and i asked thé latest owner of this phone (second hand) if hé had thé same problem.

You must root your device to do such things

Ok. I think it is too difficult for me, i’m scared to do big mistakes.
Do you think one of you / somebody you know could try to do this for me with remote management (i found this expression in thé translator, i don’t know if it s the right one) ? I mean, somebody does the tests and works on my mobile from his/her place thanks to internet.

Any volunteer? I would like to be able to keep this device ^^ I can give a bit of money to do this work of course, we can discuss that.