Brace yourself for iodéOS 5 | Préparez-vous pour iodéOS 5 | Mach dich bereit für iodéOS 5


That’s awesome.

Do we have any ETA for the FP5?

Current status 20240227:
v5 available for

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Thanks, where did you get this list from?

I thought they would appear in Tags · iodeOS/ota · GitHub

Where are the betas hosted?

I’m god, I know everything :wink:

the stable branch, yes

betas are here:

You do not only know everything, you also are faster than lightning! Thanks!

I am eagerly waiting for the FP5.

Several devices just received a new iodéOS v5 beta : a52sxq axolotl bluejay blueline cheetah flame FP4 FP5 lemonade lemonadep lynx oriole panther pioneer poplar raven redfin.
Users interested in joining the beta group can follow these instructions.

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Updated my FP5 to iodeOS 5, everything went well, thanks!

So far I don’t see a lot of changes, some related to “privacy and data” and some to “background” and “lockscreen”.

I’ll open issues if I find something problematic.

You can also join matrix channel
We discuss the issues there, too

Okay, I still need to modify my matrix homeserver to federate.

First issue found: When running the iode Browser and checking the Firewall, it says “Protection disabled”.

When I click on it it tells me:
“App has never used Network and stays unknown.”

This happens for most apps. Please note that I am using a Wireguard VPN to tunnel all my requests. Only a few apps appear in the Firewall, like Firefox Beta, Updater. These apps should also use the VPN (but maybe dont?).

Edit 2:
After resetting the Firewall-App all is working again. Maybe it would be good to double-check if this is a common problem.

Edit 3:
Trebuchet crashed and restarted during typing a post on Tusky.

There is a new 5.0 for the FP5, should I download and install that one?

Btw., where is the Beta changelog?

Edit: Probably here? :smiley:

Successfully installed iodeOS 5 on my Pixel 6. Fantastic! Stuff works flawlessly!


A link for pool is brocken in french version


Is there a schedule for release for other phones? I’m interested only in Samsung S9+ for now…
I’ve seen in the announcement that the Samsung 9 series is the exception for the OTA.
My S9+ has /e/ OS T on it so it should be “reset” anyway. Are there any special steps needed for this scenario (/e/ → iode)?


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Wo bleibt das IodeOs 5 für Samsung S9+? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(für viele andere Smartphones gibt es schon die 5.0 seit über 1 Woche)

Where is 5.0 for Samsung S9+? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For many others Phones there is published one Week ago.

Thanks, Anna

Ich schreib mal höflich😜

Solange es es dort nicht gibt wird es dauern

Correct… it depends on Lineage OS … or is it microg for Lineage OS?

Just some quick extra: the lineagelog site seems to have errors. For Oneplus 5 it says there is no Lineage OS21 support: The selected device is not currently supported in LineageOS 21.0. yet I have installed microg for Lineage OS yesterday on my OP5 so… for sure not an accurate statement.

You’re right. thank you.:grinning:
then just look there😉

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Yes i’m ready for IodeOS 5 on S9+ :saluting_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Again, polite, even if it’s annoying now… if you can read, you’re clearly at an advantage.
see link in previous post

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