iodéOS 5 is coming! And we need your input

Hi community!
We are very happy to announce a first iodéOS 5 beta today for the FP4.
We’ve had a brainstorm with the team regarding our preinstalled apps selection. We may replace a few with other privacy-friendly alternatives. But let’s see what you think!
Which preinstalled apps from this list would you replace, and with which alternatives? Feel free to comment below.

  • Carnet
  • Geometric Weather
  • Open Camera
  • Open keyboard
  • pEp
  • Qksms
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Geometric Weather is dead, a likely successor would be Breezy Weather. See Geometric Weather has been removed from Google Play · Issue #503 · WangDaYeeeeee/GeometricWeather · GitHub

pEp looks pretty dead, too. Using K9-Mail.

  • Carnet → Quillpad
  • Open Camera → Aperture
  • pEp → K9
  • QKSMS → Fossify SMS Messenger

Carnet → X
Geometric Weather → X
pEp → K9

  • pEp → K9
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Open Camera → Aperture
Qksms → Fossify SMS Messenger
Geometric Weather → (Breezy Weather OR ∅)

I wasn’t aware Open Board was not maintained anymore. Now I would like an alternative. I don’t have any idea yet.

Carnet and pEp could be uninstalled; I wouldn’t care.

iodéOS 5 in beta is a great announcement!

pEp → K9
Geometric Weathe → omWeather

I usually install Aperture, K9, and Fossify SMS.

I also uninstall Carnet and Geometric Weather. For notes I use Turtl Notes but I wouldn’t suggest it as an alternative; it’s quite old and neglected. Quillpad would be a good replacement with it’s Nextcloud sync option. I don’t use weather apps so haven’t voted on that.

Very happy with iode Helium fork.

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Hi, this is my first post in the forum and first I would like to thank iodé for creating such a great OS as well as for asking for feedback in the community and for taking it to heart. I think, this is pretty rare!

As I understand it, the OpenBoard is discontinued, but the “OpenBoard” in iodéOS is a fork from HeliBoard… So I’m pretty satisfied with this solution.

I could do without the following apps, because I use the following alternatives:

Carnet > Notes (PFA) from SECUSO
pEp > FairEmail
Geometric Weather > using no app but a website in fennec browser

I just installed the new update 4.9 smoothly on my fairphone4 and am looking forward to iodé5.

Thank you and keep the good work.


pEp > K9/FairEmail - I installed K9 first but could send no encrypted mails, so I switched to FairEmail
Carnet - I use Joplin
Open Camera - I use a GCam Port

An update to 4.10 is already available.


I didn’t know that and in this case I’m good too.

  • Carnet → Anytype
  • Open Camera → Aperture
  • pEp → K9
  • QKSMS → Right Messages

pEp > FairEmail


K9 is my preferred email cliënt.
Suggestion: MyPhoneExplorer for synchronisation of calendar, adressbook, files, etc.

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I’m using fairemail but I think k9 mail would be better as pre installed mail client, because it is easier to use for beginners.

I really like the aperture camera app, would be a great preinstalled app (and also more beginner friendly than open camera)

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Camera update for Fairphone4 released:
Capture images faster
Greater quality in low light

Is this something to incorporate into Iode, or too much phone model specific?

you’re right, I did update to iodé4.10 but miswrite here :man_facepalming:

Back to topic: I don’t know, if there’s any consideration regarding other preinstalled apps.

For instance, I use Fennec Browser and deinstalled iodé Browser right away.

Also I deinstalled magic earth and replaced it with osmand~ from f-droid.

And last but not least is my question, if there’s the possibility to deinstall the stock-launcher (“Trebuchet”) since I replaced it with Lawnchair from the izzyondroid-repo.

No, default launcher can never be de-installed.
Because of security. If something happens with your installed 3rd party launcher or if you de-install it, the phone has no launcher left and is not usable anymore.

@shifttofair I thought as much! :wink:

I used Lawnchair on my FP4 with /e/OS, because I didn’t like Bliss Launcher, but I always had a strange feeling about it, 'cause it hasn’t been updated since August 2022. Now I’m happy with Trebuchet. It’s very similar to Lawnchair. Also I like it to have only one laucher installed on my phone.

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How much work is it for you in general to provide these apps?
personally, I don’t use or even install most of them beyond the preinstalled keyboard and SMS app

for the camera, I’m using Aperture, so that could be good to substitute Open Camera
but while I’m using K9, I don’t see why I should use your version instead of the regular F-Droid one