Voice typing or glide typing

I am running iode’ 2.1 on my Sony Xperia XZ3 and left it on the default Open Board keyboard. Voice typing is enabled there and I see a mic on the keyboard but when I tap it nothing happens.

How do I use voice typing in iode’? I would actually prefer to get glide typing working in Open Board-is this possible?


I started a similar thread here. But I’m talking to myself…
Voice typing needs google services. I haven’t found any alternative.

I don’t think glide typing is available in openboard. You need to take a look at florisboard (beta) or anysoftkeyboard.
To be honest I haven’t found a really good FOSS keyboard. Especially regarding word suggestion.
I use anysoftkeyboard at the moment. The least worst I could find.

Glide typing doesn’t work for me in florisboard.
I already gave up. To stressfull. To buggy in this early development stage.

I did get glide typing to work in florisboard and seems to work better on this sony x3 than on my past phones. You do need to enable it:

I think the reason it works better for me now is that I have a larger 6" screen now.


Thanks for letting me know about anysoftkeyboard. It seems to work well on my Sony X3 but so does florisboard. I think its because my phone screen is now 6" and my past screens were 5 1/2.

I did enable the glide typing:


Got it…
It would or could work for me, too.

But i love to write in my own language. German.
Glide Typing is working only in english…F***K