Updates don't work for the umpteenth time

It’s frustrating …

Updates don’t work on Teracube 2e “emerald”:

2.10 to 2.19
2.10 to 2.20
2.20 to B - 2.21

see also here: iodéOS 2.10 → 2.19 update don't work - #2 by bomdomqw1

Why don’t work updates on Teracube 2e?

It is very frustrating, indeed … It seems as if this was a teracube-specific problem (correct me, if I am wrong). One of my phones (I have three) is bricked since a couple of months after an update, and though I wrote several times to Antoine from iodé asking for help directly, my mails weren’t even deemed worthy of a short answer. Since there is a 4 year warranty, I consider sending it back. It might be an idea that everyone with this problem should do this, perhaps then the guys from iodé might be compelled to taking action. I still like the idea of the system, but a phone that cannot be updated is practically worthless. What enterprise considers this sort of serious issues with that sort of neglect to its product or to its users? How does this help promote iodé? Again, it is very frustrating …

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If it really is an unsolvable problem, then iodé will follow the doctrine of keeping it quiet.

All in all, it is even more frustrating. On the one hand, the problems with the iodé OS (updates don’t work, FM radio don’t work). On the other hand the device (bad camera).

My decision for iodé OS was made because I use cyanogenmod on my old Motorolla G 1. My decision for Teracube 2e was made because it also has an FM radio like the Moto G and because it is screwed instead of glued. But that was bad information. Because, the Moto G is also screwed and changing the battery only cost me €10 (+ €15 battery).

Unfortunately, someone broke the screen glass on the beach when I was in the water. The replacement of the screen glass includes the replacement of the monitor. The screen monitor pack costs €50 and the replacement costs €50, summary €100. So, a screen monitor pack + replacement costs also €100 even if the device is glued. Screwed or glued is therefore irrelevant.

In summary it is very frustrating.