Update takes to much time

i am updating my pixel 6 from 4.5 to 4.7 and like every update before it is taking hours to compleate. The previous updates took >1,5 hours. This one is allready runing for 2 hours. Why it is taking so long?
Updating with twrp took only a few minutes back then when it was possible.
How can i install an update with the actual recovery?

You can sideload the zip file in the recovery just as you were used to do with twrp.

Another option is to keep the device awake during the update process. You can add the Caffeine quick tile, then you select 30 min or above in the tile, which will keep the device awake with screen on, and start the installation. This will drastically reduce the update time.


Yes, since i do it with the caffeine trick i reduce the time from approximate 2 hours to 20-30 minutes

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So i download the zip file on the phone, reboot to recovery and install it from the download directory, correct? I will try that on the next update.
But why does it take so long to install when the phone is in use? Is the live update mechanism different than in recovery?

In the updater preferences (three dots top right) you can select to prioritise the update process. Should be able to complete in 20 mins with screen on.

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Important part is “withScreen on”

Why it takes so long: this is just a proof that android power saving features, when the screen is off, are efficient :wink:


Hi .How can I reupdate v4.7 I can not by local updating. Thanks

How can I re update v4. 7 because from three dots it doesn’t not work. Could you send me the exact file for this plz

Does erasing large files like podcasts reduce this update time also? That’s what I have been doing but it’s never done in under an hour. I will try the caffeine tile trick next time!

Thanks for the tip!


I wouldn’t know why

I figured it was backing things up and if there were less files to backup then it would be faster. I may be wrong in the backup part.


Definitely. Not the user data