Update 4.1 for Sony XZ2 /Recovery missing

today the update for my Sony XZ2 (Akari) to version 4.1 was offered. Update worked so far. Since my device is rooted via Magisk, I looked in the Github repo for a recovery zip for 4.1, but there was only recovery 4.0. So I changed to fastboot and put the old patched recovery from version 4.0 to the phone, but the reboot got stuck at the Sony logo. Then I loaded the original 4.0 recovery via fastboot to the phone, again stuck at the Sony logo:-(
In the repo is a new archive iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot.zip size of 1,3 GB
I tried to install this archive via adb, but that failed with error 21 signature verification failed.
Finally I installed iode-4.1-20230401-akari.zip via adb and the system runs again, but I don’t know how to reactivate Magisk again, since there is no 4.1 recovery.
So my questions: where is 4.1 recovery for akari
what is the file iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot.zip for?

We have not updated the installation instructions yet, this will be done today. The fastboot package contains a script that fully installs the rom, without having to switch between fastboot/recovery… it’s far easier. The recovery can be extracted from the fastboot package, in the img zip (boot.img, as it is kernel+recovery for xz2).

I’ve not yet managed to extract a recovery.img from the iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot.zip, neither with 7z, WinRAR nor with the jack-of-all-trades PowerArchiver.

BTW: Extracting the payload.bin does not bring up recovery.img either.

Well, I helped myself OrangeFox Recovery, but I can’t see that it has become much easier, as mentioned!

Why is there now a difference in ROM file creation between devices?

There is no payload.bin in iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot.zip ; however, there is one in iode-4.1-20230401-akari.zip : I think you looked in the wrong file.
And: there is no recovery.img, but boot.img, that must be flashed to the boot partition. It contains the kernel and the recovery.
The fastboot flashing method is much easier: you uncompress a zip file, you just need to have fastboot (adb not required), you execute a script, and eveything is done. No need to flash the recovery , to enter it, to sideload… Only samsung devices do not support this method, all other devices do.

No. I’ve extracted both files: iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot.zip + iode-4.1-20230401-akari.zip

As I previously said:

And thus:

$ unzip iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot.zip 
Archive:  iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot.zip
   creating: iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot/
 extracting: iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot/iode-4.1-20230401-akari-img.zip  
  inflating: iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot/flash-all.bat  
  inflating: iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot/flash-all.sh  
$ unzip -l iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot/iode-4.1-20230401-akari-img.zip
Archive:  iode-4.1-20230401-akari-fastboot/iode-4.1-20230401-akari-img.zip
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
       24  2008-01-01 00:00   android-info.txt
 67108864  2008-01-01 00:00   boot.img
  8388608  2008-01-01 00:00   dtbo.img
2213999376  2008-01-01 00:00   system.img
   250316  2008-01-01 00:00   userdata.img
     8192  2008-01-01 00:00   vbmeta.img
699560240  2008-01-01 00:00   vendor.img
---------                     -------
2989315620                     7 files

And so on - that’s exactly the point. Yes, I also got as far as you indicated. But when I extract the boot.img, no recovery.img is revealed. Please tell us the trick, @vince31fr

I already explained twice.

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Use the boot.img file as recovery, I patched that file with Magisk and now I have root access again with 4.1