New installation method?

The latest release implements a new installation method

  1. Download fastboot package for your device (latest file iode-[...]
  2. Unzip fastboot package and execute (linux) or flash-all.bat (windows)

Is it supported for devices on IodeOS 2.x & 3.x or just 4.x?

Does the new get created by the mka bacon command, or is there some new build magic needed?

The appears to format cache and data partitions before flashing

fastboot format:ext4 cache
fastboot format:ext4 userdata

Is it possible to ‘dirty flash’ by calling fastboot --skip-reboot -w update iode-4.1-20230401-<device-name> without calling fastboot format:ext4 userdata?

All versions.

make dist produces an image package suitable for flashing with fastboot, in the build/<device>/dist directory, named lineage_<device>-img-eng.<username>.zip.
Note that the builds sometimes fail due to missing hidl definitions, that can be solved like that.

You also must remove the -w as it wipes data. We put both ways for userdata clear, as wipe in the fastboot update fails for some devices.

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