Unofficial Iodé 2 builds for Sony Xperia Z3 family devices

Z3 (z3): tested

  • SafetyNet passes
  • GPS working
  • Calls and mobile data working
  • LineageOS Recovery: recovery.img from here

Z3 Compact (z3c): not tested

  • LineageOS Recovery: recovery.img from here

Z3 Tablet Compact

  • LTE (z3tc): not tested
    • Pitchblack Recovery here
  • WiFi (z3tcw): tested
    • SafetyNet does not pass
    • Location not working
    • Pitchblack Recovery here

These builds can be installed from the custom recovery linked above

  • LineageOS: follow instructions in the LOS install wiki pages for z3 & z3c
  • Picthblack: follow instructions in this XDA Forum thread

I can’t find the download for Z3tcw.

It is in the same directory as z3tc

Direct link

New versions available:

  • z3 - clean flashed, tested OK
  • z3c - not tested
  • z3tc - not tested
  • z3tcw - dirty flashed - tested OK