Unofficial builds for Sony Xperia XZ1 Dual-SIM (poplar_dsds) and XZ Premium (maple)

There is an official build for the single-SIM XZ1 (poplar).

Unofficial builds are available for dual-SIM XZ1 (poplar_dsds), and for both single and dual-SIM versions of the XZ Premium.

Dual-SIM XZ1 (poplar_dsds) builds are here

XZ Premium (maple & maple_dsds) builds are here

Note that these builds are untested, as I do not own devices on which to test them. As ever, use at your own risk.


Good to see that some “old” Sony phones are (unofficially) supported. Thx a lot!

Question, as i still have a (now unused) XZ Premium: as far as i know this device had the “code name” maple, and not the XZ1 Premium (which does not exist). See e.g. this xda thread. Could you clarify this?

Ah, just read the latest posts in the xda thread - so this is definitely a build for the XZ Premium?

I ran the unofficial LOS 19.x release for a while and had to enable the microg stuff via magisk, lsposed etc., that was not funny :wink: so if the build is for XZ Premium, i’ll definitely give it a try. Best way to install? Flash latest stock firmware and the proceed with the “normal” LOS/iode install?

You’re correct - thanks for spotting the deliberate error :wink: I was trying to do too much too early in the morning :slight_smile: I’ve updated the original post.

I’m not sure you need to reflash stock ROM. I would try one of the following without reflashing stock:

  • EITHER install (or using recovery
    • install the correct TWRP from yoshino - Browse /maple/twrp at
      fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.6.2_12-0-20221002-maple.img
    • boot into TWRP
    • format data
    • copy to the SD card or internal memory
    • install the zip file
  • OR flash (or using fastboot
    fastboot --skip-reboot -w update
    The -w option should format your data partition

hehe… cool! Just checked the stuff i downloaded a while ago; back then i installed twrp-3.6.1-9.0, so i will update that. And then install the ROM via adb sideload, the same way i installed LOS 19.x on that device. Not sure when i’ll find the time, but hopefully the next days or week.

Well, even if an install of the stock ROM is necessary - shouldn’t be a big problem, still have the files and the doc i’v written… :slightly_smiling_face:


Had a bit of time, so started about 2 hours ago. First: flashing of new twrp didn’t work; error was:

fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.6.2_12-0-20221002-maple.img
Warning: skip copying recovery image avb footer (recovery partition size: 0, recovery image size: 40308736).
Sending ‘recovery’ (39364 KB) FAILED (Status read failed (No such device))
fastboot: error: Command failed

Not sure if that is releveant… so installed stock ROM, re-enabled everything and flashed the twrp, this time with the twrp.img in the fastboot folder (not sure if that is relevant). Then boot into twrp, sideloaded the zip and restartet the system … crossed some fingers … system started! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There’s a message in the top menu bar (the one with time, wifi status and battery icon):

Sony Modem
Status: 0
Config: amss_fsg_maple_telekom_germany_volte_vowifi_tar.mbn
Cust ID: N/A

Not sure, but maybe because there’s no SIM card in it?

Next: update apps. Checked f-droid, updated paket sources → at the first try i got a DNS resolution error (couldn’t resolve one host), although wifi was active. 2nd try was good, sources and then iode browser got updated.

Next: Aurora store. Runs, was able to install and start 3 apps (outdooractive, postident, firefox). Looks good.

Iode App is running. Dito iode news app.

So far, so good. Is there something i should test?

See this post

OK here’s an Iodé 5.1 build for maple & maple_dsds only. I didn’t build for poplar_dsds, as there were zero downloads of the 4.10 build. (There were zero builds for maple also, but I built it by mistake. If there are now downloads in the next couple of weeks, I’ll delete it to save space on SourceForge.)

Builds are here

Note that these builds are untested, as I do not own devices on which to test them. As ever, use at your own risk.

The last one I downloaded was iode-4.10-20240223-poplar_dsds . zip …

Not sure why the download stat didn’t register.

(It’s working well.)

OK. I’ll make a build for poplar_dsds too

Thanks; I appreciate your work.

By popular demand, a 5.1 build for poplar_dsds is now available on SourceForge

Not tested at all, because my device is running los4microG

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Downloaded. Will install and test soon. Thanks again.