Unofficial build for Google Pixel 7a (lynx) and pre-install images download here:

Build info:

Based on the latest iode July releases it is built for daily use on my own lynx device. It’s a userdebug build signed with test-keys. July security patch.

Bootloader relocking is not supported.

Built following guides from iodeOS and LineageOS


Follow the Lineage OS installation guide and use the pre-install images and rom downloaded from the link above. Factory reset/format data in iode recovery will be required before sideloading the rom.

Restoring data from your previous OS:

Based on my own experiences I would advise a manual restore of any previous data. I have often used Seedvault but find it slightly unreliable plus I suspect it may bring unwanted system settings into your new installation. Going forward I may experiment with the android-backup-project which I have used before with some success on unlocked devices.


The only reason I do this is to be able to run iode on my own unsupported device so their are no guarantees that I will continue to do this going forward. But generally it would be safe to assume I will post new builds here following at least the iodeOS official realease cycle. Updates can be sideloaded from recovery without factory reset thus preserving data.


The usual statements apply. Sometimes things go wrong updating and you may have to factory reset. This could be for any number of reasons and happened to me just recently so have those backups in reserve.

2 Likes and pre-install images download here:

Link removed.Ask in this thread if you want this build.

Works well on my daily lynx device for browser, calls, volte, vowifi, messages etc.

  • August security patch

  • Bootloader unlocked

  • Rooted debugging available in developer options and pre-install images download here:

(The link will be removed when another build is added)

It’s working great on my daily driver with the exceptions that SafetyNet does not pass and Charging Control does not work.

September security patch.
Lock bootloader is unfortunately not possible.