Tell us what you think about iodé

Hi all!

We would like to know what you think about iodé and if your have any feature requests. Paste in everything you have in mind! That could be related the the blocker, the ROM itself, or more generally about iodé. We will take them in consideration for our next developments!

Thank you.


iode —> block access to the sensors for apps individually.

blocker → Also mark domains that fall under the rules you created.

Blocker—> cname detection (protection)


Another one for the above.
As a feature request a comprehensive cloud /external backup option and password manager (like iCloud keychain) would be great.
Great project Iodé team keep it going thank you.

Things are pretty great. Happy to be a subscriber.

My one comment: You can’t make everyone happy, but I didn’t like the switch away from OpenCamera. The new software operated faster but felt too basic, and I couldn’t make it save photos on the FP5’s additional SD card.

I reinstalled OpenCamera, and since you can’t select a default camera app in these new Android versions, now my SMS app says there is no application available to take pictures.

Are you wizard enough to let users choose their own default camera app??

Keep up the good work!

Some feedbacks:

  • Don’t uninstall system app without warning on updates (QKSMS just got uninstalled for me, and even though it made me move, I’d have preferred a less “forced” way), if you want users to move to something else, tell them that they should, don’t force the uninstallation.

  • Now for the big one: ever since you added premium, my trust in Iodé has lowered a lot (for reference, I’ve been using it since mid 2022)… I am a “FOSS absolutist” (I mean, type my nickname in any search engine) and am all for developers making money… but the lack of transparency (you’re maybe transparent in the forum but nowhere else, and I’m subscribed to the blog via RSS, that’s how I got here) is honestly making me wary. Months ago I even dug into your companies data to figure out who was behind it since you’re not transparent (kinda unrelated: by the way just an advice, the “legal notice”, in the website, is missing your company data, which is illegal in France ( )).

  • Related to previous point: be more transparent

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What about

or Mentions légales - iodé for the French version

How much more transparency do you want?

That legal notice page is the thing I’m talking about: it’s missing a ton of stuff (for it to be legal)

How much more transparency do you want?

Funding (Sustainability?)? Number of employees? Development hurdles? Everything basically

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I’ve been using LineageOS + MicroG for a long time, and I can say that it has greatly improved
my experience with Custom ROMs. I mainly use programs from F-Droid, and for those not available
in that repository, I have the Aurora Store application, which directly downloads apps from
Google Store without needing a Google Play account.

Applications downloaded from Aurora Store typically have some form of telemetry and periodically
they send data directly to Google Play. Because of this, I looked for various programs to
block such traffic. All these applications effectively set up a VPN and, based on DNS queries,
block telemetry sites.

Why am I writing all this? Because iodéOS is a custom ROM based on LineageOS + MicroG and has a
built-in iodé application that analyzes data requests, blocks unwanted transmissions, customizes
and combines blocking protections, and audits the reliability of your apps. This makes iodéOS
unique and it differs iodéOS from all other degoogled custom ROMs.

I am very satisfied with the shop (iodé Shop - iodé), fast delivery, and the mobile device
comes with iodéOS (my choice was Fairphone 5). I literally turned it on and I could enjoy it
immediately. Personally, I have no problem setting up a custom ROM because I’ve done it before,
but for someone who has never done it, this is an excellent reason why this shop is great.
I also have to praise the iodéOS installer, which I tried on another phone; the installer simply
guides you through the steps to install the iodéOS ROM.

The first thing I noticed was the ability to uninstall pre-installed apps. For example, my
personal choice for an email client is the K-9 Mail app, so I uninstalled the pre-installed mail
app and installed K-9. I haven’t seen this functionality anywhere else. It’s praiseworthy.

iodéOS is ready for everyday use, and I have been a user of this wonderful operating system for
almost four months now. I have customized it to my needs. I recommend iodéOS to both experienced
and regular users, as it is truly something special and rare — a compact and comprehensive product
that values and respects our right to privacy.


Word! Fully agree with @ijurisic

I really had a hard time to install linage OS on my last phone. Did manage it but don’t wanted to repeat those sleepless nights to make it work. I found iodeOS and it’s just what I was looking for - privacy as much as possible plus sustainability. Regular (security) updates.

Nothing much left to ask for but to keep going this route. Thank you!

More transparency as @TheFrenchGhosty asked for would be nice and if that’s not an issue for you I would also appreciate it. But since there were external reviews I trust (Kuketz), I already trust you. And my gut says your honest. So if you want to keep your own privacy instead of going fully transparent, that’s fine with me (for now).

Anyway, this is supposed to be a feature request thread.
Got some issues, I didn’t try to fix in detail yet. Maybe my fault, maybe limitations of my hardware (teracube 2e), maybe something you can do about:

I tried to think of some real new features… sorry, I’m happy.

Only feature request left: conquer the world and stick to your values. The world needs privacy and sustainability while staying secure.

This brings me to a “feature request” in the end. Do more good marketing and make it known.
Maybe you can start by establishing a professional website. It’s ok but the first impression is a bit weird. Maybe in the end it was a plus for me, because too “clean” websites may be just good marketing with nothing behind. For me it’s about the content not the looks. But I guess a lot of other people judge by the look a lot. Especially if you want to convince the mainstream. Could reduce the bounce rate.

  • Support more devices. I know you don’t have the resources to do this yourselves, but you could provide more help for community members who are prepared to make builds and provide some user support for specific devices. Specific areas where you could help
    • Hosting the builds for users to download: this will allow OTA updates to work, and means ROM builders don’t have to find a different cloud service for hosting;
    • Access to a build server
  • Allow rooted debugging, so that users can have a means of backing up their user-installed apps and data. There is currently no working solution for this (even if SeedVault is included, it doesn’t work) so migrating to a new phone, or setting up your device after upgrading or factory resetting, can take a very long time
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I am a relatively new user (about 4 weeks), and therefore can’t think of too many things but I do second the transparency issue. For me personally, it is more about feature and design decisions. You announce to switch to your own servers - fine, but tell us why, where are the servers hosted, etc. Tell us more about the blocking lists, etc.

Besides that, I think, for me it is most important that you focus on the core features of the OS its stability, privacy and security and don’t try to add too many features

Edit: ah one idea came to mind: not sure why you invest resources and effort in tweaking your own browser fork, instead of just using Fennec.

Hi ! On my side I’d like more frequent security updates :slight_smile: