Several issues since the 4.2 update


As a long term user and supporter of iode, i want to state a quick overview if the challenges i have with the 4.2 update:

Battery drain. After three days of using the version 4.2 my s10 is lasting about 9h in idyl and normal use! This is very low compared to what i was able to get before. Main drainage due to the OS it says.

Streaming apps not working anymore. Disney,netflix, magenta sport ( i guess only active in Germany) all have now “server issues” or are having trouble staring. If they start, they can not stream anything.

Within trebuchet i noticed that i am not able to drop any apps onto the homescreen if they have not been there before.

General bugs in apps. It seems that several other apps are having issues with the iode app. They crash more often then i have ever seen it before.

Looking forward to feedback if this is happening also for others , if there are solutions and other tips and tricks.

Thanks and regards,

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About battery drain: you should inspect the behavior of your apps in battery settings, some of them may consume battery in the background (or better, with an app like Gsam or BetterBatteryStats). Such problem can happen after a major android upgrade.

About streaming apps: I confirm the issue, and there’s currently a patch under review at lineage. A fixed build will be released when possible.

About Trebuchet, I cannot replicate the issue, but maybe clearing its storage and configuring it again may solve the problem. This might be the same for some other apps.

I also want to add an issue I have on my S10e.

I have the circle as the battery symbol within the status bar. This circle shows the battery level. When I swipe down to the notification center the circle is always completely full, although it should also indicate the battery level.

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A hotfix update has been pushed for the Samsung 10 family, hopefully fixing all DRM issues.

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My updater doesnt find updates anymore, it shows that it has no internet connection but all other apps have interner access.

Network is disabled in android settings (you can see the crossed-out earth symbol in status bar): long-press updater icon, App info, Mobile data and wifi, enable networks.

Oh, I should have thought of that myself, thank you very much

I was able to install the update on my S10+ without any problems, thanks!

All issues seem to be solved but the trebuchet issue :frowning:

If anyone has the same issue and has solved it, i would be very happy to learn about it.

But maybe i did it wrong. Did you mean clearing its storage by clearing its cache?

Best regards

I dont have this issue on a s10+ with Iode 4.2 but i also didnt have the issue before the update yesterday

You can try to clear cache first. If you still have the issue, clear storage (both options in app infos → Storage & cache).
Clearing storage will remove all customizations, you’ll get back to the vanilla home screen.

@MarciH maybe you blocked the setting?
under home setting
lock layout

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OMG…indeed it was locked and thus now solved. The funny thing though…i never locked it. How this has changed after the update’''i do not know. Anyhow…thanks a lot to all here😃

I can only confirm battery drain issue on s9. The new iode app is using a lot of battery but I just closed it and it fixed the issue. The new notification showing stats for current app is nice and I hope it will get fixed but I can live without it for now.
No other issues. Everything is stable, all apps still work.

This was actually fixed with the battery drain… I had the notification about this off on the S9 all the time… just turned it back on… let’s see what happens

The iodé app by itself consumes some battery, due to the data refreshing mechanism which is a bit heavy. But the notification alone is conceived in a way to consume very minimal battery. It does not maintain the device awaken, and is only refreshed at relatively low frequency when some data is processed in the system blocker and when the foreground app changes. In the meantime, it just does nothing. It should not consume battery: if that’s the case, it is an unexpected behavior and it would be great to get some feedback (analysis by an app like BetterBatteryStats, …).

To give more insights, the notification and the blocker UI are two separate components in the iodé app: the notification component just does minimal data display when it is solicited by the system blocker (some hosts are blocked, …) or the android framework (the foreground app changes). It does not require the full UI component and all its data management system, so should not consume battery.

Last words: the iodé app and the system blocker are also two separate components. The system blocker is active in the background, but in a waiting state most of the time: it performs some computation only when there is communication over the network. So its battery consumption is also minimal.

The blocker UI is the only battery-unfriendly part of the whole blocker system: but it is used only for changing some settings of the system blocker or visualizing some statistics, and is not meant to stay open all the time; so that’s not a real problem.

I’ve had the iode app running for 9 hours now and it’s only used 2%…I think that’s ok

You mean: the full blocker UI? Not just the notification? I would find that high for the notification alone, but correct for the full UI.

hi vince
I just mean the notification…but 2% as opposed to 10% at the beginning is ok for me…and you don’t have to turn it on for the function

Did you reboot before testing, and did not open the iodé app ? This seems high to me.