Search apps in aurora

Since my latest update to 3.6 i cannot use the search engine in aurora to search for apps.
I can open aurora, it will show the apps and i am able to update my installed apps. Only the search engine does not work. If a enter a searchword and hit enter, nothing happens and the screen stays blank.
Anybody got an idea what is happening and how i can solve this problem?

Any help is apprecheated😀

Jan Heuves

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yes, well known
we discussed this yesterday in matrix

I have the same problem as you.
Iodeos A 2.11 on Samsung S9+
Aurora version 4.1.1 of 2023-03-11

Apparently known problem and so certainly a fix will come soon.

Hi, whats different in the iodé version of the Aurora Store app compared to the one in F-Droid?
I wonder, since the search is not working in the iodé version. Therefore I think about replacing it with the latest version in the F-Droid store (4.2.1 compared to your 4.1.1).

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I have done this but it didn’t solve the problem.

The search problem is an Aurora problem not an Iode bug. Look on telegram (@Aurora Store) and you will see that many users worldwide have the same problem. Not only Iode users. Aurora is aware of the problem and trying to fix it asap.
So lets hope they find a solution soon!


Thank you, I knew that. I was asking because I’ve read in another forum that the new version of the aurora store app solved this problem. Seems not to be true after all.

I know solution for this moment, its not a perfevt but its works . Enable aurora store options to open supported links. When you want to install an app, search for it in your browser with the word play store (example Youtube PlayStore). Do not click on the link directly but hold your finger on the link and from the displayed options select: open in an external application. That it :slight_smile:

I had to add Google play link. It wanted to add this android link so I let it.


Its look okay, works for you?

It did a week ago but not now and it isn’t updating the app!:man_shrugging:

I finally got it to find a searched for app if the app is linked on a page and u set up like above so that when u long press u get option to open in external app.

I was trying to install an app called remember me and they have a site. On link there to Google app long press. Here is the site is u want to see if it works for u:

U should get this from Aurora store:

I prefere to use the workaround (open playstore link via firefox based browser) instead of installing any app, as long as aurora will not fix the issue

There’s a new vanilla aurora store app available in f-droid (but not the iode version of aurora store) who may fix it. But i get, instead of the blank screen, a screen which says “oops, this accaount is rate limeted” instead of getting search results.

So, with this new version it’s different, but not better :wink:

When will there be a real Iode application store :star_struck: ? A bit like the one in Murena :wink:

A workaround for the Aurora Store search problems: Download this file from]( and install it alongside your existing installation. This version will allow you to search for and install apps from the Play store, while your existing installation will handle updates without much user input.

Hopefully never :slight_smile:

There is no point making yet another app store app. Use F-Droid for FOSS apps, and Aurora Store for apps from the Play store.

Yes there is currently a problem with the version of Aurora Store in IodéOS, but there is a workaround - see my previous post. Creating a new app to fix bugs just creates more bugs!

Ok boy, you are cute but your solution doesn’t work… And then, what the hell! Can we have something that works without having to systematically fiddle with it?
So please Iode : make a home made application store that works BUT that you can control !

Because we have been talking about this problem for weeks now… Hello, I would like a working phone please! This is the promise of Iodé…
I made my whole family buy it, guaranteeing it would work!!! Damn it!

What’s your problem? Keep calm…
Aurora isn’t working on other ROMs, too
It’s not a iodeOS problem


You could create a dummy google account that you are using until aurora will fix this issue. Thats what im doing and everything works

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C’est un probleme de traduction automatique. Le message en francais était clairement plus nuancé et moins agressif (la langue francaise est tellement plus riche que l’anglais)… Bref

Donc oui, c’est bien ca le probleme AlphaElwedritsch. Iodé n’a aucun controle sur le magasin qu’il propose. Et moi, comme consommateur, ca me pose probleme.
Donc oui, j’espere que Iodé prendra cette question au sérieux et proposera un magasin maison. :star_struck: Histoire d’avoir la main dessus.
C’est une demande légitime me semble t il, avoir un appareil qui fonctionne ; sans compte google ; puisqu’aprés tout, c’est la promesse de Iodé ! :smile: Murena l’a bien compris propose quelque chose maison

It’s a problem of automatic translation. The message in French was clearly more nuanced and less aggressive (the French language is so much richer than English)… Anyway

So yes, that’s the problem AlphaElwedritsch. Iodé has no control over the store it offers. And I, as a consumer, have a problem with that.
So yes, I hope that Iodé will take this issue seriously and offer an in-house store. :star_struck: Just to have a hand on it.
It’s a legitimate request I think, to have a device that works; without a google account; since after all, it’s the promise of Iodé! :smile: Murena has well understood it proposes something home

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