Search apps in aurora

Oui ! Je vous remercie ! Je n’avais même pas pensé à l’essayer.
Étonnamment, si je me connecte avec un compte google ca refonctionne. Meme si je me redeconnecte pour revenir sur un compte anonyme, ca refonctionne quand meme !!! C’est vraiment très etrange…

Yes! Thank you! I hadn’t even thought of trying it.
Surprisingly, if I log in with a google account it works again. Even if I log back in with an anonymous account, it still works! It’s really very strange…

:partying_face: Es funktioniert wieder :partying_face:

For me too, search is now working in Aurora Store.

Fixed by the auroraoss developers. And no need for Iode developers to waste scarce time and resources to develop yet another app store app :wink:

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Je suis désolé mais je ne suis pas d’accord avec toi.
Ca n’est pas une perte de temps de se consacrer à un magasin d’application. Bien au contraire. C’est meme le nerf de la guerre ! Avoir un OS digne de ce nom impose un magasin digne de confiance.
Cela n’est pas acceptable de devoir bidouiller pour avoir quelque chose qui fonctionne.
D’autant que j’ai vanté Iodé à des personnes agées et à mes enfants en leurs promettant le meme service qu’avec Google… Sans google

I’m sorry but I disagree with you.
It’s not a waste of time to dedicate yourself to an application store. On the contrary. It’s even the sinews of war! Having a decent OS requires a trustworthy store.
It is not acceptable to have to fiddle around to get something to work.
Especially since I have praised Iodé to elderly people and to my children, promising them the same service as with Google… without Google

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building and maintaining your own software store is the worst idea ever.


I have to clearify one thing: Murenas App Lounge isn’t a real independent store.

It’s a compination off Aurora Store (their API) and F-Droid.
So they don’t have a real input what apps are hosted or anything else.
I really like the idea off combinig those two app stores. Sadly you cannot add any f-droid repo to App Lounge.
I don’t know why the search function of App Lounge still works but nevertheless it’s not an original appstore with apps maintained by murena. They even stated on their site: Thanks to the Aurora OSS project behind the well known Aurora Store. App Lounge is using their GPlay API library.

One idea would be to incloude App Lounge as an alternative to aurora store in iodé but actually I prefer it the way it is.

never ever please. Do not use any murena services in iodé

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No, I don’t won’t that either! :smiley:

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Personnellement je n’aime pas la médiocrité. Ce que Aurora propose depuis des semaines ! Voila pourquoi un magasin maison est plus que nécessaire.

Après au lieu de faire supprimer mes messages (vive la liberté d’expression), prenez du recule et acceptez la contradiction. A bonne entendeur !

But do your really think that Iodé developers, who have no experience of working with Google play store APIs, would do a better job of creating a new app store than the people working on Aurora Store, who have been working with them for several years? /e/ developers have tried, and their attempts (the original Apps and the new App Lounge, never got close to performing as well as Aurora Store.

I don’t think that Aurora Store is mediocre: I think it does a fantastic job given how hard Google work on making life difficult.

And I flagged your earlier message because I don’t think comments based on race or nationality are appropriate or acceptable in this community forum. Freedom of speech / liberté d’expression are not absolutes :wink:

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No, sorry, it’s not necessary. And it’s not possible to realize for that small team off developer.
And please keep on English in international topics


Here’s the latest on the problem with Aurora, from the AuroraOSS gitlab issues list

In particular, this comment:

Hey all,

Bit unfortunate but Aurora Accounts are aggressively block by Google,
which makes sense as we are growing in numbers. Yayy!!

However we have to take down Dispenser (Anonymous Login Provider) in
order safeguard our account.

We’re going to take a step back & figure out smarter way to do

Will bounce back soon!

Thanks :heart:

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There are some news about the blocked Aurora Store Google Accounts:

Hey all!
Just wanted clear the air, Aurora Accounts are not permanently blocked by Google, it is more of a temporary soft ban.
Since we are growing in numbers & the workload on each account has increased, resulting in token rate-limiting.
Persistent limiting caused accounts to be temporarily blocked.
All accounts are now working perfectly fine (2 days cooldown), we are adding more accounts to the account pool to better distribute the load.
Previous Pool Size : 20
Current Pool Size : 50
Target : 100

Is “iodé” a small team? Actually, that’s not my problem. This brand is making us a promise. To get rid of Google. And since Aurora only works if you have a Google account, it turns out they’re not keeping their commercial promise. Frankly, it’s not too much to ask for a little innovation. You think the “Iodé” team can’t do it. I’m sure they can. It will necessarily take time and resources, but yes, they have to find a solution if they want to remain credible.
They did an android system without google. Who would have believed it 10 years ago? Who would have thought that this small company would become what it is? Please, don’t underestimate them.
And once again, this is not our problem. They owe it to us to come up with a solution, because that’s what they’ve sold us, my dear!
And Murena’s “store” may not be perfect, but I can assure you it’s at least as good as Aurora’s… and that’s without a Google account. And the day there’s a problem, it’s up to the Murena team to solve it.

Then I think we’ll agree to disagree! :grin:

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You are of course free to think whatever racist nonsense you like, about the English or anyone else, But it is not appropriate in m opinion to post that nonsense in this community forum. That is why I flagged your post, which definitely did ‘comporte une insulte ou manque de respect’. And why I will not discuss it further here

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