S10 lock bootloader


I have succesfully installed iode on a samsung s10

Is there a possibility to lock the bootloader again ?


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No, it is not possible on samsung devices.


Hello Nomad,

I’m admirative : how did you manage to install iodeOS on an S10 ?

I’m trying to do the same, following the indications given on the Iode website, but remain hopelessly stuck at stage 5 (flashing the recovery) with a “Failed to send data” error…

Any idea what is going wrong ?

Thanks in advance to anyone able to help


PS : here’s a screen capture of the Heimdall error…

often a problem of USB cable and/or USB port
Try another port /and/or cable


I had the same problem in windows. It failed to make a decent connection with the s10, even after switching usb and cable.
I switched to my linux partition (in this case mint) and followed the instructions from

Those are more detailed ( works for windows too)

If using windows it is important you check if heimdall is working properly after installation ( use heimdall print-pit in your terminal to check this)

Some extra tips:

Make sure you have the necessary drivers in windows installed.

It is important you (dis)connect the smartphone on the correct moment.

Work as administrator in your terminal

Good luck

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Hello @velologiste ,

In Download Mode, does your phone display KG STATE : Prenormal (which means that OEM unlock is OFF), or KG STATE : Checking (which is what you must have) ?


Hello, I have a quit similar issue with Heimdall flash.
It stay stuck on “initialising protocol”

The OEM unlock is not accessible from developper options but the phone seems to be accessible as Heimdall is trying to flash.

Here is the download mode screen.


To unlock bootloader
set date to manual
reset date 2 weeks
set Software updates to manual
developer options -----automatic update off
debug on
phone restart (must be connected to the internet)

then oem unlock should be enabled

Yes I have tried this operation many times but without success.
You have to set the date in the past that’s right ?

I dis the software upadates too.

It seems that the Wifi lost internet access when changing the date manually. Can I do it with 4G ?

In download mode, I don’t have the unlock option by long pressing volUp.
I have only the VolUp continue option.

Does that mean that My phone cannot be unlocked ?

I just saw on your screenshot that you have an S10 Snapdragon… you can’t unlock it and iode only runs on Exynos

So sad… I bought it only to install iodéOS.
When I entre the IMEI it shows that it’s Exynos.
How can I verify that it is Snapdragon ?

U and W seems to be snapdragon
F and DS Exynos

In your first screenshot…it says Qualcomm…and that’s a snapdragon…sorry

Ok thanks you !
I’ll send it back to the shop.

I wanted to buy one from IodéWeb shop but it nos available anymore.


and remeber, a pixel is always a good alternative :wink:

Alpha keeps trying🤣

A-ha, which one has the best photos ?