Repo sync stuck

I am experiencing a similar yet not identical problem described here: Repo sync stuck: Host key verification failed

Multiple attemts - even from scratch: Always yielding the idenatical result that I fail to download the sources for builing iodeos. Status unchanged since about a week.

It always stops at the same point:

The authenticity of host ' (2606:4700:90:0:f22e:fbec:5bed:a9b9)' can't be established.neage/sepolicy
ED25519 key fingerprint is SHA256:eUXGGm1YGsMAS7vkcx6JOJdOGHPem5gQp4taiCfCLB8.
This key is not known by any other names
Fetching: 74% (916/1235) 2:26:44 | 20 jobs | 12:26:42 lineage/device_lineage_sepolicy @ device/lineage/sepolicy

The complaints about the unestablished authenticity of host start right in the beginning. However, download continues up to exactly 74% and then sits there forever.

I do not see a corresponding entry in my ~/.ssh/known_hosts.

Does anyone know how to interpret these messages - ideally with a hint on how to get past this point so I can create a build for iode 4.7?

Comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

That’s fixed, you can sync again.

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