No updates since March 2022

Hi guys
I have a xiaomi mate lite 10.
The last update that i got was in 25. March 2023. Since then i didnt go any normal updates nor security updates. I also dont have the new blocker where i could sign in with my iode premium.
Is there a mistake?

see here

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An new release has been pushed today.


Das Update installierte sich ohne Probleme auf meinem XA2.


yay, thanks for the iodéOS update - I will install the update tonight :slight_smile:

Do you have any plans regarding an update strategy/roadmap - how regularly are you going to release updates?
I already wrote it in this thread - I think it would be worth considering releasing the monthly Android security patches every month - and everything else quarterly or whatever, (I care about regular security patches, all other is not that urgent for me :slight_smile: ) iodéOS - update frequency


there sre plans, yes.
vincent mentioned this in chatgroup

and we’ll begin to seriously think about improving our release process for security partches, 3 months is too high