iodéOS - update frequency

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We’re using iodéOS since more than a year and generally speaking it’s an amazing OS. It has all the necessary additions already integrated which I miss on LineageOS.
But when it comes to the update frequency, I got some doubts over the last weeks.
Until March, iodéOS updates came at least every two months. But now, the latest iodéOS update is dated on 2023.03.27 which is already 3 months ago.

Therefore the Android security patch level is from March 5th, almost 4 months ago.
In the meantime, Google has published April security patches (two as critical marked CVEs and a lot of high marked CVEs, mai security patches (a lot of high marked CVEs, june (three as critical marked CVEs and a lot of high marked CVEs and July security patches are about to be released.

The delayed deployment of security patches was also one of the main concerns which Kuketz mentioned in his iodéOS review. And at that time, iodéOS was only one security patch level behind.

Wouldn’t a better approach be to distribute security updates once a month and all other things like bug fixes and new features bi-monthly, tri-monthly, or quarterly?
This approach could also be used to target more on companies or people who are allowed BYOD in their company. Because most companies have a much stricter policy on security updates: operating systems that are so behind on the latest security patches are not allowed to be used.

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a new stable version should come out next week. hopefully. with june patchlevel.
and yes, i think the same.
a actual security level version is more important, then any feature update.
in my opinion, it must be the top prio