iodéOS Premium is here 🚀


We are launching iodéOS Premium :rocket:

Read the article to learn more about it: iodéOS Premium Launch - iodé


Wir veröffentlichen iodéOS Premium :rocket:

Lies unseren Artikel um mehr darüber zu erfahren: Wir veröffentlichen iodéOS Premium - iodé


Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer le lancement de iodéOS Premium :rocket:


I think that’s a great way to finance the project! Can you already say what premium will cost?

Nice! Glad to see that there is another path for you guys to make some money :slight_smile:

One question: the site says:

But the big change is this, iodéOS is splitting into two versions:

My reading of the rest of the announcement makes me think that there will be not be two different versions of the software, and that subscribers will get the premium service my logging in to their account on the phone (maybe on first time setup, or in the Iodé app).

Please can you confirm that will be the case? (I really don’t want to be building two different versions of the IodéOS ROM :slight_smile: )

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Yes, the only difference will be the fact to be connected to a premium account, or not. The system will be strictly the same, only one build.



Je viens de lire votre annonce, je suis content de voir que vous avez essayé de trouver la solution la moins divergente de votre Objectif.

Si je comprends bien, la liste des bloqueurs sera la même, mais avec une mise ajour moins réactif sur la version non premium ?

Pour la version famille, je pense qu’il serait bon d’ajouter la fonction de plages horaires de fonctionnement d’appli ou de connexion, mais peut-être cela arrivera avec la version officielle.

En tout cas merci pour tout le travail effectué, depuis que je suis sous IodéOS, je n’ai jamais changé alors qu’avant, je changeais régulièrement, car il y avait toujours quelques chose qui n’allait pas.

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I’ve just read your announcement, and I’m glad to see that you’ve tried to find the solution that’s the least divergent from your Objective.

If I understand correctly, the list of blockers will be the same, but with a less reactive update on the non-premium version?

For the family version, I think it would be a good idea to add the function of time slots for application or connection operation, but perhaps this will come with the official version.

In any case, thank you for all the work you’ve done. Since I’ve been using IodéOS, I’ve never changed, whereas before, I changed regularly, because there was always something wrong.

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Thank you Team iodé for the opportunity to sign up to the blocker app for free. It reminded me that I’ve been intending to make another donation, so that is what I have just done. I hope the new subscription service is successful! :grinning:

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Apart from the permanent request for current weather data, the system is relatively quiet. […] Otherwise, no other connections were initiated by the system. Of course, this changes when the user installs additional apps and they request or receive data via polling/push, for example.

This also changes with the introduction of the subscription, because a subscription check with data transfer will be performed every time the device is turned on. This is similar to the LineageOS feature «Help improve LineageOS by automatically sending diagnostics and usage data to LineageOS» which can be disabled, however, and iodéOS has eliminated completely.

Important for me: Is the monthly paid subscription also accompanied by a monthly iodé-ROM update, i.e. not only a monthly update of the block lists, or does it remain with the previously practiced two to three monthly rhythm of OTA updates?


Le compte iodé premium peut être utilisé sur l’ensemble des mobiles ? J’ai un Samsung A5.
Merci !

whilst I understand and agree with the taken path to finance the project, I am a bit irritated, that there is no free “premium family” available (it’s shown for 6,99€/month). Is this intended?
After all, I went for iodé because of the “family protection” on actual four phones. Don’t get me wrong, we supported iodé in the past by donation and buying hardware, we will do so in the future and we are willing to pay for premium. It just feels a bit pushing off families. Am I the only one having this concernes?


it’s for early birds and beta tester, as a thanks back.
you can register two users.
each user can login with two devices.
that should work for you as workaround. or you pay for the family account. because you will pay for, as i understand you right.
but again, the free charge is not mean for families, its just to say thank you to the beta testers in a short time slot.

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This announcement didn’t mention a really crucial information: with the addition of premium does it mean that Iodé and/or IodéOS will go proprietary and/or closed source?

If it remains FOSS, do you plan to actually fight people who run modified APK?

Also, will Iodé make any unsolicited connection to your servers to check the subscription status if the user isn’t a subscribers/logged in?

To be clear, I’m fine with the subscription as is, but if it means I’ll have to run your closed source software, I’ll just stop using Iodé. I really don’t want Iodé to become as bad as /e/ so please, make the right choice.

Thank you.

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No, iodéOS will remain open source. And we don’t plan to fight anyone, there are enough conflicts around to add one more. We just hope to get some support to continue our developments.


About connection to our servers: none if you don’t have a connected account.

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What about Iodé itself? What about my other questions?

The iodé app will remain open source too.

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Alright, thanks for the quick answers, and thank you for putting ethics before profit.

I’ll definitely donate to Iodé soon.

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means anyone can use the source, can build his own fork, can remove the subscription and can do whatever he wants.
but, if you want to support the iode team, want to participate from the development, want get official releases without selfmade effort, you have to use the original and pay for the abo, or do another donation.

or go the way of @petefoth.
he builds the original for some unsupported devices and i think he lets the pro-version code untached, that anybody whos using it, can choose to create an account and pay for abo.

i think iode was choosing the right way to get some income and doing it right.
focus on privacy and security and keep staying opensource.


To be clear, I don’t personally plan on using a fork with the subscription removed. I also don’t think I have any need for the subscription (+ the privacy implication outweigh the benefits to me). I think making a donation is better for me.

When I mentioned this idea, I just wanted to know what was the plan for Iodé as a company, because a fork like that will more than likely happen, so the way they’re planning to react is a good way to know what they stand for.

Again, if they were moving to a closed source/proprietary model, I would have jumped to another ROM.

I’m happy that iodéOS has found another way to monetize its project, but I don’t particularly enjoy this business model as I believe it has quite a few flaws:


  • Higher probabilities of getting “Misinterpreted” by some potential new users
  • Premium features were free before, now they are paid, loss of trust from some members of the community.
  • Security should be for everyone, “Premium” security models are fundamentally flawed, you are either safe or not safe. Security cannot be an additional service.
  • There is a business interest to not maintaing the project as FLOSS (Free/Libre open source software) as anyone can replicate the premium service (which is, after all, the whole point of open source and libre), as also explained by @TheFrenchGhosty a few posts above. What will IodĂ© decide when this happens?
  • The majority of the people paying for this premium service are already either donating money or supporting your project in other ways, there is mostly no interest from individuals in paying for security features so you aren’t really earning more than what your users are already giving you.

Now, reading this entire thread, I understand you are trying to find some funding for the project, out of necessity, as, after all, everyone has to bring food to the table.

Here are some objectively better ways to financially support the project:

  • Paid access to a beta version of the OS, giving your “Supporting users”/“Users that are paying to have access to this beta” a saying in what features get added, what bugs get fixed, what the direction of the project should be. This is a much more genuine way of making money that respects your users and brings the iodĂ©OS name respect from the community.
  • A membership subscription. Take, for example, Calyx’s “Friend of Calyx” membership → Enroll - Calyx Institute . You pay to support the project and either receive some swag or an hotspot with internet connectivity, depending on how much you want to support them.
  • A full device cloud backup service. Android is currently missing this feature, with even iOS beating them. You would offer a cloud service for backups integrated with iodĂ©OS which is incredibliy easy to set up for even non techical users by paying for storage on your cloud service, but where the average user could also easily change the destination backup server. You’d have the “Easier”, managed way financially support you since you would offer the default backup servers.
  • On the same line, backup of apps settings, caldav/cardav (calendar and contacts) cloud synchronization are also interesting features which have a genuine business incentive. After all, you have full root access, so you could literally backup entire app’s data files and restore them on another device, again everything on either your cloud service or a self-hosted one. You’d get money from the use of the cloud service.
  • Paid support for companies and enterprises, though this is harder to get into and kind of the same as the premium membership could potentially hurt the project.

I’ll keep using Iodé, even if the features that were free until now have gone paid and moved fully on the cloud.

Objectively speaking, you lose the trust of some of your users this way. Instead, I believe the best thing for this project would be to be driven by the community. This really brings a bad light to the project to people who could become donors. If I saw that you made a “Premium” version of Iodé OS without reading this forum I would have (in my specific case, under my subjective worldview) closed the page immediately, you are really hurting your reputation unnecessarily here.

I hope you like my ideas/may find them of interest and can potentially shift your business model to either the ways above mentioned or other ideas.

BTW, was there a discussion with the community about this choice? It’s said in the blog article there was one but I could’t find anything about it.

Thanks for making and supporting iodéOS!

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