IodèOS for Google Pixel 6 Pro (raven)

Hello everybody,

let me preface my questions with my appreciation for your efforts creating this ROM. Exceptional work!

I am using IodèOS for about two years on a Sony Xperia XA2. Before IodèOS I used LineageOS. This device is still sufficient for most daily uses but starts to get slow (3 GB of RAM ist not that much). During the winter holidays 2022 I could get my hands on a cheap, udes Pixel 6 Pro (raven) around the same time I realised that IodèOS started releasing builds for Googls Pixel devices. But up to today it does not seem to me that there are IodèOS builds for the 6 Pro. I totally understand that, as your business is selling refurbished phones and my guess would be that there is no real aftermarket for the Pixel 6 Pro.

I am aware of the alternatives CalyxOS, DivestOS and GrapheneOS, but I would miss out on your amazing blocker feature (none of the before mentioned do have something similar) or would be forced to use the real playstore (GrapheneOS). Unfortunately I cannot ditch microg/playstore for now, but I prefer to use microg over real playstore.

So my questions are, as I do not really want to change away from IodèOS and its features:

  1. As I do not have the time and resources to build IodèOS myself, are there any known unofficial builds? (I could not find any) or are there an plans to support the 6 Pro officially?

  2. There is no way to “simply” install the blocker into, for example CalyxOS or LineageOS for microg? (another post in the forums suggested: no)

Thank you very much in advance and keep up the good work!

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it’s a decission of the developers
but yes, in my opinion, every pixel should be supported by iodéOS.

correct. the iodé app is just the gui for the blocker. the blocker itself is deeply integrated into the system.
so yes, it is not possible to install the iodé blocker onto any other custom rom

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Thank you very much for answering my questions!

I would love to see the other Pixels supported too, but I totally understand that the Devs have limited time and resources. I somehow hoped, that with the Devs making the source code of this ROM available to the public the community could easily port it to every device that is supported by LineageOS for microg. However there seems to be more to it then just merging the branches. :sweat_smile:

Thank you again for your time. I will monitor IodèOS development. There are still some family members left using it. And for now my: XA2 did not die of old age!

edit: clarification