iodéOS for Fairphone 4?

We still have no FP4 in our hands. We are currently working on our next release planned for mid-January. Once the release is done, we will probably start working on the FP4 :slight_smile:




Hey @vince31fr , well done.
What about betatester? :wink:

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I’ve got my Fairphone 4 here with bootloader unlocked, keen to put iodeOS on it


So maybe it is time to order my FairPhone4 now :slight_smile:

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Sure. Feel free to join the beta testing group on telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat


System works very well

I had to do following actions to install iode over /e/OS:

  • boot into bootloader

  • fastboot flashing unlock

  • fastboot flash recovery_a iode-2.3-20220123-FP4-recovery.img (only comming from /e/OS instead of StockROM)

  • fastboot flash boot iode-2.3-20220123-FP4-recovery.img

  • boot in recovery

  • apply update via sideload

  • fastboot flash boot iode-2.3-20220123-FP4-recovery.img

  • reset data

  • boot in bootloader

  • fastboot flashing lock

  • boot in system

20220123 in file name is a time stamp of the actual version. can be newer!!!

System works very well with all apps and settings. Very smooth. No problems


Final setting:

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Same question as for /e/, I guess: does the camera app allow to use both cameras?

Same answer: no

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OK, thanks, so I guess camera is most likely a “normal” OpenCamera or Snap or something like that?

Maybe @vince31fr could give an outlook whether it is likely that both cameras will be supported?

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normal Open Camera with no wide angel mod.

I use continuing Gcam Wichaya mod.

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More beta testers welcome? :wink: (But only time as of next Tuesday)


Join the Telegram goroup.
Download Recovery and Image.
Install both.
And get smile on your face that never ends… :slight_smile:

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Well, for some reason I can’t even join telegram. I put in my phone number, it tells me it’s sent me a verification code through sms… but I get absolutely nothing.

But SMS is working in general?
Do you receive other SMS?

Hmmm, I am not fond of Telegram, but for this time, OK. I would have preferred Threema!

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I am also
Installed it only for this group. Do not sync my contacts. Disabled all things not necessary.
Use telegram FOSS from f-droid

Thanks for this! I will deinstall the contacts first, make a Threema Backup, and then have a look at Telegram. And then put my SIM in an old FP2 until Iodé is installed :wink:

And use telegram FOSS instead of normal one