iodéOS for Fairphone 4?

Hello everyone,

today the Fairphone 4 was launched!!! Now the hardware finally meets my wishes. In particular, a very good main camera and good ultra-wide-angle camera are now on board. :smiley:

Fairphone Livestream: The NEXT LEVEL OF FAIR (record)


FP4 - Specifications

/e/ has already announced that they will include the FP4 in their offer:

I really hope that iodé will also bring out their OS for the FP4 and especially sell pre-installed FP4.

Will the Fairphone 4 with iodéOS be available for purchase??? :smiley: :pray: :smiley:


Hi Barry,
We will get our hands on the FP4 to port iodéOS on it but this process will probably take months before eventually succeeding.


I’m so happy to hear that!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That does not matter at all if it still takes a few months. The main thing is that it works before the end of 2022, so that you can still register with Fairphone to get the 5 years of support.

Welcome Community.
This is my first post and entry into the forum. I greet you all friendly and wish a good together.

I have since the day before yesterday my Fairphone 4 in the hands.
Except that I turned it on and wanted to unlock the bootloader, I have not yet done anything with it.
Unlock bootloader does not work yet, because Fairphone does not release the codes yet.

The smartphone is also not usable, because it is full of G******E apps and services…

I would gladly offer to play the beta tester if desired. The FP4 is not my DailyDriver and until there is a usable version of iode will not be either. So I’m open for everything, I don’t need the device right now and it’s just lying around for playing…

the Hulk

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Hi and thank you for your interest in iodé.
Once we get our hands on the fp4 we will start porting iodéOS to it. Unfortunately this will not happen before 2022 as the process takes a while and we need to sort other things out before.

@FairphoneHulk Welcome to the forum! :grinning: Congratulations for being one of the first to already receive your FP4. Thanks for supporting the development of iodéOS for FP4.

How does porting iodé work in general? Does the version of LineageOS for FP4 have to be ready first and then that is changed to iodéOS? Or is an existing iodéOS from any other smartphone taken and this then adapted for the FP4?
Maybe this forum discussion will be helpful?

It says that samwein and dk1978 want to port LOS for the FP4. Maybe you can help each other and get to the goal faster and better? I have no idea how to do this. So forgive me if I asked weird questions.

Here is the kernel source code published:
and here Other GPL Sources:

Then I wish good luck with porting when the time comes. :grinning: