iodéOS 5 is coming! And we need your input

Is it on FP5 ? I cannot find it.

Is it hardware dependent or just software integration with Android ?

On Fairphone 3, it’s in Settings, Battery, Charging control.
You then have to activate the feature with the toggle Enable charging control.
You can choose the Charging mode between Automatic schedule, Custom schedule or Limit charging. With this last option, you can choose the limit between 70 % to 100 % by increment of 1 %.

@vince31fr just confirmed its not available on FP5 yet. :confused:

Unfortunately … Would it be a reason why ? Fairphone software ? Iode feature ?
:pleading_face: :pray:

It’s LOS related

Hello everyone.
My first post here. I like very much minimalist systems so any removal of software would be beneficial to me (and to your servers).
From your list I only use camera apps, a keyboard app and the SMS one.
Open camera seems pretty bad so I think Aperture would be better.

Bonne chance!

Qksms → Fossify Messages
pEp → K-9 Mail

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Please wait for the final version of the K-9/Thunderbird e-mail program before making any changes.
Otherwise, consider a complete switch to Fossify Apps.

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Why wait? I’ve been using K-9 for years - it works fine now.

And it is unlikely there will ever be a final build: like most software it will evolve over time. But it is already good enough for every-day use

K-9 Mail’s Future

Side note: Quite a few people seem to love K-9 Mail and have asked us to keep the robot dog around. We believe it should be relatively little effort to build two apps from one code base. The apps would be virtually identical and only differ in app name, app icon, and the color scheme. So our current plan is to keep K-9 Mail around.

Whether you prefer metal dogs or mythical birds, we’ve got you covered.


Well, there were and still are a few difficulties with Android 14.

pEP → Fairmail

Any chance to add NeoBackup to iodéOS5?
It has helped me a lot to selectively copy backup data including apps from one S9 to another S9. However, it requires root privileges. So currently, I have to install Magisk to use it.

My issue is that sometimes my phone reboots and all the “preinstalled apps” that i didnt had installed are suddenly installed and all the manual blocked hosts are deleted. i have a backup but still its not that cool

pEp → K-9 Mail
Geometric weather → Breezy weather
Carnet → I like Quillpad, but since it cannot encrypt single notes, I use in addition Safe Notes

pEp → FairMail
Geometric Weather → Breezy Weather

I use fairmail for a long time now. I realy like it.

Thinking of … Could it be that SecondScreen and Taskbar be part of the possible system app ?
They both need root access to fully work and they are very useful to switch to tablet mode if the phone has DP alt mode, like OnePlus phones, Fairphones, Samsung phones…

Hi there,
did anyone already receive the update for march?

The last update in my “news”-app is dated from 2024-02-24 and I think, there has been a major security-issue inbetween, which didn’t get fixed since.

I also would like to know, when iodé5 will be avaible as stable?

As far as I understand it, it’s still in beta, isn’t it?

Kind regards


Which one



calendar from fossify, a fork of simple mobile tools.