Installing iode' 2.0 on Sony XZ1

I see that iode’ 2.0 is available for installation on the Sony XZ3 and got an email from iode’ this morning that it is also available for the Sony (Xperia) XZ1 but cannot download this under the installation section of their website.

Can I download this for the XZ1?


I found this on github:

I have 1.2 on my XZ1 but the updater can’t find the download location. Can I upgrade with this zip file or do I need to upgrade TWRP first?


Is there a newer version of TWRP for the device listed on Github? If not I would think you are good to go.

I’m not sure. The recovery file on github is called recovery-poplar.img

Right now my recovery is twrp-3.3.1-0-20200210-poplar_10.img

Is there a way to tell what recovery-poplar is without flashing it?


Well shoot, I don’t know the answer to that. @Antoine anyway to correct the filenames to associate what the actual file is? Another such example👇

The way the 3.3.1 img was named that it was for Android 10, I would think that it would not support Android 11 and I need to reflash the recovery image before I sideload the zip file using adb.

Antoine, am I right?


We recently uploaded LOS recovery instead of twrp, the readme hasn’t been updated yet.
But you can either use Twrp or LOS recovery it should work fine.

OK, I figured the TWRP I had was different than what was now available for recovery because the file size was different. The updater used TWRP just fine.