Galaxy s10 Android 12


i recently was given the old galaxy s10 from my neighbor. I was looking forward to transform this into a No Google Phone (or Noogle Phone :slight_smile: ) but it turns out a rollback from Android 12 is in some cases not possible. This is actually the issue for me as it turns out this phone has the Binary 15 or boot loader F and as such no rollback to Android 11.
The only options is hence to use iode OS based on Android 12…which is not available yet to my knowledge, correct? I saw Lineage OS options are available though.

Is there maybe a timeline on this for the galaxy s 10 model ?

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You’re wrong! With glasses or monocle this would not have happened :eyeglasses: :face_with_monocle:

iodeOS 3.0 ‘official’ (AOSP 12) is available for Samsung 10.

iodeOS 3.1 ‘beta’ build 2022.06.29 you can also use for a long time.

Happy flashing

That is great news!

My monocle and glasses led me to the official iode installation page. thus I did not feel wrong about the approach :slight_smile:

Which links only to the 2.x versions

Hence it might be needed to check if the installation instructions are up to date?!?

Maybe a direct link for v2 and v3 could help.

Anyhow,thanks for the link.

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Well, the iodé-team is small and the time required to support iodé ROMs is huge. For this reason, there is unfortunately far too little time for external communication than would be appropriate for iodéOS.

Response waiting times, even for trivialities, of sometimes several (6) days here in the form serve the Image of iodé just as little as the neglected communication channel XDA developers along with the classic social media channels Follow us. Via the fast-moving Matrix / Telegram Messenger (iodé Beta Testers), communication works better, but the internal clarity is poor and is no treat for a friend of the language like me. The communication channel on github, on the other hand, is pleasantly clear but sparsely frequented.

Well, iode refined the open source code of Lineage Android Distribution with unique value-added features and builds my favourite LineageOS fork. I’ve already installed iodéOS on all supported devices except Fairphone. And if one day there is an iodé GSI from Toulouse coq-18-21-1 I’ll be one of the first to install it. So far, I’m using the GSI from my neighbour in Paris.

Iode 3.0 successfully installed after some trouble.
I used Odin and twrp but also needed to find a vbme file simultaneously loaded via Odin.

Now it works and seems stable so far. Thanks and much appreciated.

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