iodéOS Devices as new category

I propose to introduce a new category ‘iodéOS Devices’ here in this forum, which could put the devices supported by iodéOS here in the forum in a light appropriate to them and besides serve the clarity and concentration of possible topics similar here.

The numerous fast-moving external channels on facebook, twitter, telegram, mastodon, github, gitlab & XDA on the one hand would benefit from a clearer iodé community and could possibly encourage more users to get involved.

Hi and thank you for your suggestion.

Looking at our current categories, I made the decision to structure them in a different way and to use tags for devices. If we were to choose devices as categories, then the current ‘Operating System’ and ‘General’ categories would have to be deleted and eventually made as tags instead.
Also, some devices can share common features/bugs/… So tags make more sense in this case to me.

To read more about tags & categories: It’s Time We Talked About Tags

Hi, I had already reckoned with no more response. But everything is new in July 2022.

The sense of an idea can always be argued (constructively).

But more tags than the few so far, are in any case a constructive contribution to clarity.

But what sense does it make not to tag this Sony Xperia XZ2 (akari) and the three from the Xiaomi Mi 10 family with 16 devices supported with iodeOS … ?