FP4 Relocked bootloader Futur updates

Hi community,

I have several questions about the new situation of relocked bootloader on FP4.
If i follow all steps describe in the guide and update to the last build, then relock my bootloader :

1- May i have for each new futur major updates to unlock it again, flash new key and then flash the Os ? Or this steps must be done just once now, and then other update are done in the android menu ?

2- Will I be able to install the beta tester update app after this major update ?
3- Beta tester futur updates will be done via app or need to be flash ?

Thanks for help.

  1. only once. Only because of the new key. All further updates automatically via OTA
  2. yes you can install beta updater
  3. OTAs via updater app

Gotcha ! Thanks for your help.

@AlphaElwedritsch new question for you !

All goes well with flashing key, make the update and relock bootloader.

But now i still have a yellow message on boot about having changed the system. Is that normal ? Is there a way to avoid this message on boot ?

I don’t understand why iodeos was accepted as a “normal” system before and now as a “modified” one.


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The ‘yellow’ state is just what was expected, see Boot Flow  |  Android Open Source Project.
Root of trust is set by the user for a custom OS.

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Yes, that’s normal and you have to see this


That’s because of the correct avb_custom_key now.

Thank you both for your help and answer.
I’m glad to see this is the normal behavior.
Thanks for the hard work you do !!

Cant I use the “old” key and not have my phone wiped?

no, not if you want to use a version higher then 220405 and your bootloader is locked
or if you have not re-locked your bootloader

as described here:

Ok, I’m just looking for options here. My phone is finally working as I’d like and to start over again is a real pain.
How can I check if my bootloader is locked? I’ve set to option in Android to enable bootlocking but I don’t actually know if it is locked.

Also, is moving apps to SD card also a way to backup apps+appsettings\data?

via adb command: adb reboot bootloader
or via advanced reboot menu: settings/system/gestures/power menu/advanced restart
boot into bootloader, there you will see if your bootloader is locked or not

via seedvault: settings/system/backup
and via “config export” in apps, if supported

Firstly, thanks for the help FPHulk!

But I’m screwed, my bootloader is locked.

Is there an apk where I can use Seedvault? I don’t have a rooted device but it seems that’s not neccesary?

Also is there a way to export the config of the Trebuchet app so I don’t have to reorganize my 100+ apps again? Also done by seedvault? That’d be awesome.

Seedvault is the built in backup
Go to settings/system/backup
That’s seedvault
Use a USB stick and follow the instructions.
As long as I know, the trebuchet launcher settings will be included as part of seedvault
At the end of the backup process you will get a summarization of which apps and settings are backed up and which not

Wow that’s awesome. Didn’t even know it was there. I will do that. Thanks again!

You can follow my detailed instruction if your are not so fimilar …
Or the original one

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First @AlphaElwedritsch I really have to thank you. Without your instructions I wouldn’t be here right now. To be honest, a week ago I knew nothing about Custom ROMs, rooted phones or degoogled Androids. But since last weekend I lay in bed with a cold and here we are… - so yeah I’m not so familiar.
Just to be clear: I’ve just installed iode - 220405 and have to do the exact same thing with iode - 220407?
The avb_key needs to be erased again and the one in the archive is another one?
The recovery image must be flashed again?

Hi @Protosom
First, I am glad to hear that everything work s fine (with my intsruction) and that you are now a member of the Custom ROMs inner circle members :wink:

But, no, no, all these steps you asked for, are not necessary.
The avb_key is the final one and it will never changed in the future. Once installed and bootloader is re-locked, everythin is fine.
Recoverys, will be installed in the OTA updates automatically, if there is a need to install a new one.

One question?
Your installed internal Updater does it find the Update 220407 automatically?

If yes:
Install 220407 as OTA Update. That’s all.

If no:
If you install this beta updater: UpdaterIodeBetaAndroid11ToAndroid11V2.apk from here: beta · master · iode / ota · GitLab
(simply install the apk manually. It will update the pre-installed one)
Then the Updater should find the update and goes forward as OTA update.

That’s it.
Everything, no rocket science… :wink:

Alright. Indeed the updater finds the very update. The reason I asked the question in the first place is that the iode-news app states:

A new iodé update is available, but a manual installation is required for FP4 users who relocked their bootloader, by downloading the build 20220407 from our archive…

So this is a bit misleading for users who flashed the key with the previous build. Or am I still not getting it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Probably even rocket science is no rocket science. :rocket:

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