Encrypt SD card - is that possible?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just bought a new SD card and wanted to encrypt it like I was used to (from my old stock phone). But there there doesn’t seem to be an option to do that (and files stored on the card are definitely not encrypted).

I’ve done a lot of duckduckgoing on this. It seems like normally one would at least have an option when formatting the card to chose between

  • using the card as “adopted” storage, so alongside the internal memory (hence encrypting it without really telling) and
  • using it as normal card.

Unfortunately I am not given this option. I can only click format.

Also there is no option to encrypt it later, at least none that I can find.

The only option that comes to my mind currently would be to put a true crypt container on the card, but that would certainly be less user-friendly. Also I could not transfer files from/to a computer using MTP.

I’ve read this was not necessarily a limitation of LineageOS, but may be configured differently, depending on what the builder wants.

So maybe someone from the developers could answer that. Storing files unencrypted is not an option for me.