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Yep, I agree with @LinuxHippy
Especially since this little box came out: AAWireless | Indiegogo which makes Android Auto a lot more convenient.

However I feel like installing Android Auto in the first place kind of destroys the entire concept of iodé. I haven’t checked yet if AA is at least to some extent open source.

Cloud storage/services is something which I provide entirely on my. So at least from me there’s no requirement for that.

The only topic in the general direction of the existing features might be to specify block lists on my own without going through the effort of blocking individual addresses.

How can I play open Sudoku at stop lights without android auto? :joy:

Just kidding…I actually need maps at times and would like to see them on my car screen when needed.


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I would very much like to see shelter integrated into the OS! For apps that shouldn’t have access to your personal data, but which you still have to use for some reason (WhatsApp in my case).

At the moment, I have shelter installed, but with shelter I seem to not profit from the iodé-blocker.


Is it possible to backup all the settings from the iodé(-blocker)-app to transfer them to another smartphone? If not, it would be great to make this possible in the future.

I would love it if the iodé(-blocker)-app would become open source soon.


Unfortunately it is not (yet) possible to export / import the blocking settings directly from the UI.

Please activate SD card encryption as requested here: Encrypt SD card - is that possible?

I cannot store anything on the card unfortunately (because I won’t as long as can’t be encrypted). The huge SD card I bought is pretty useless unfortunately.

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In the “Streams” screen when clicking a certain host, I’d find a copy to clipboard feature very useful. I often don’t know what certain hosts are good for, so I have to first search on the web what it is. Manually typing the address is just unnecessary.


The easier Iode can be installed, the easier new folks can and will join Iode.

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Open the iodé source so that we can build for other devices.



I would like a clear guide on how to install IodeOS on Xiaomi Mi9
I am a beginner in installing new ROMs and I don’t understand anything about what is explained on the website: https://iode.tech/en/iodeos-installation/#1611162004238-cabae268-7e57

It would be great to have a clear step by step guide for regular users who have no clue about all this and want to migrate from Android

Though the iodéOS installation process is similar with LineageOS which has a lot of installation tutorials; we may facilitate the installation process this year by making a step by step guide or even an easy-installer.


I’m using Google camera mod “GCam” for Samsung S9. It makes better pictures than the original camera app. Would I be possible that iode provides a GCam mod for iode phones? I would pay for such an extra service because than I would trust GCam mod much more.

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I’m already imagine the promotion of the Iodé app:
”Transform your smartphone* magically into Iodé.
Get back your privacy!” :star_struck:

* Check the supported smartphones.

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When allowing/disallowing something for a certain app a check could be performed if the “adapted” filtering is even enabled for that app. If not a toast would be nice to let me know. Otherwise it won’t work and I might not even notice for a while.

would like to use the wide angle camera.


It would be nice to integrate accu / battery charging limits cause this cannot be done with apps without root. Teracube stock rom has this feature.

Great would be an independent firefox sync server because the mozilla server is located in USA.

To the best of our knowledge, battery charging limit is actually not supported by the kernel that we use. Maybe in future releases ?
Running our own FFsync server would be an interesting option indeed, we’ll think a bit about it.

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Put another eye on charging limit for 2e, it will be implemented in next OTA :wink:

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Great work. You are on the right way to the best operating system. The focus on a few phones is good, but perhaps it would make sense to look more at open hardware/software like Teracube and Fairphone. Unfortunately, Sony and Xiaomi don’t even allow unlocking the bootloader without registration anymore. Mediatek even still allows changing MACs, IMEI, MEID, so OnePlus Nord 2 would be worth a look. Unfortunately, many people only buy design.

I think that the integration of PC and phone with all the services is the biggest advantage of Google. To synchronize browsers, calendars and contacts with one account is comfortable. Especially Caldav and Carddav are so complicated and incompatible that I had to write a converter from LibreOffice Base to VCard myself, just to get addresses from PC into the phone. The interplay of different components is the key. Even google is still not good enough for corporate solutions although the basic technologies are available.

I’m looking forward to the next update.

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There is one thing on my wishlist:
A simple way to automaticly-install the most-privacy version of an apk from aurora-store or aurora-droid/f-droid, github or the-website (like signal.org)

This is something that makes me crazy at the moment.
Aurora-Store is nice but I need to block every app I install from the repos, like bitwarden or andOTP. Signal is an example for a web-based installation.