Does iodéOS support cell broadcasting in Germany?

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starting from February '23, the german government starts using cell broadcasting to communicate emergencies and catastrophes (see Cell Broadcast - Bundesweiter Warnkanal | Telefónica Deutschland).

My understanding is, that this functionality has to be supported by the smartphone vendor and the installed OS. So I’d like to know, if iodéOS supports cell broadcasting?
Is there any way to check this (e.g. via USSD code)?

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Iode is LOS based
So, i think if LOS supports it, iode will also

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Interesting topic!

I looked at your linked page. The settings mentioned there on Android also exist in iodéOS:

  • Öffnen Sie die Geräteeinstellungen.

  • Klicken Sie dort auf den Menüpunkt „Benachrichtigungen“.

  • Wählen Sie „Notfallbenachrichtigungen für Mobilgeräte“.

Just activate the test warnings and see if you get test warnings from February 2023.

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Hmm, on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ I didn’t find this setting in the “Notifications” menu. But when I search for “emergency”, I find the setting “Wireless emergency alerts”, that looks like the menu mentioned on the linked page.

I just activated the test alerts and am curious about the result :slight_smile:


Strangely with my FP4 the settings are called exactly as indicated on the linked page. Would have thought that the structure of the settings in iodéOS is always the same. Maybe it depends on the smartphone manufacturer instead?

Then you should already receive a test alert on 8.12. from 11h. I just received an SMS about it. Perhaps you can report if it worked for you?

Sure, I’ve just set a reminder :slight_smile: