Does iodéOS support cell broadcasting in Germany?

Since I have a Fairphone 4 now, I did receive a broadcast test message today at 11 am.

Have you checked your emergency alert settings?

Yes, all settings switches are and were activated.
I checked it the day before.
They are activated by default. So I did not change anything.
I also asked people around me with the same carrier.

Schau mal ob die App “Cell Broadcast Service” bei dir in den Berechtigungen den Standort mit drin hat oder nur SMS.
Einstellungen/Apps/AlleApps/ System Apps einblenden/ dann die app suchen

Didn’t receive any yesterday :frowning: .

All checkboxes were checked as shown on the screenshot. Cell Broadcast has location permissions.

War einwandfrei mit Ton und Text bei meinem XA2

worked fine on a Sony XZ2 and a Samsung S10e, both with iode 4.4

I have a FP4 and my carrier is Vodafone. I got the alert this and last year and the bavarian one in the beginning of 2023 in english and german.