Battery drain since version 2.8 on samsubg A5

hello, since installation on 2.8, then 2.9 my batterie life go from 3 days in hard saver mode to less than 1 day.
I erase version 2.7.
is it possible to force to re-dowload it to reinstall it ? if yes how.
is my A5 the only one to suffer from this behavior ?
any idea to solve this issue.

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Hi Luc,
you are not alone with your A5 and a poor battery performance …
I started with iode 2.9 - so I cannot compare with the version(s) before.
Enabled power saving mode & smart charging - but battery has to be charged after 12 hours (no heavy usage, i.e. no video etc., just chatting and a few phone calls)

Hello Luc,

maybe this problem has to do with the inactivity display. I have had this problem long before when I was using /e/OS. iodeOS and /e/OS are both heirs of Lineage OS…

kind regards

We have identified a possible reason for this problem and are working on it. We keep you informed.


Hello again,
today I see that iodeOS A - 2.11 is available for my Samsung A5 :+1:
This should improve the battery drain problem?
The phone works really nice for me - but I barely survive one day with charging up to 90% …
By the way: what does “A” mean in the version number?
Thanks a lot for your effort extending life to already outdated phones!

Hi, a build has indeed been made online yesterday as an attempt to fix that battery drain. At least, it fixes a problem in the previous builds that flew under our radar for some time, and could explain part of this battery drain. I don’t think we’re completely successful on solving the drain problem though.

About the ‘A’… We realized recently (when jumping from 2.9 to 2.10), that the LineageOS updater compares version number at a certain place (which is also displayed in the updater UI) in an alphanumeric way, and thus “2.10” < “2.9”, so 2.10 update did not appear. As we could not change the updater on running phones, that check for new updates, we simply added ‘A’ in front of the version number, so that “2.9” < “A - 2.10”.

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Thank you again - I will try ASAP and let you know …

I just did an update via the Updater which offered version A 2.11 to me.
The update process finished as expected.
But when I open the updater again, I still see iodeOS 2.10 (instead of 2.11).
As expected I see the option to remove the download iodeOS A-2.11 Download …
Which version I am actually running now?!

/settings/about phone
there you should see iodèOS-Version

the version you’re running → A-2.11
should match with my previous statement

Just got confused about the title “iodeOS 2.10” …

the old updates are still there until you delete them manually
when they are new: Herunterladen
when they are old and already installed: Löschen

after an update you can delete them without issues. they are not needed any longer

don’t mind the title.
What is important is what is in the circle or what is in “about phone”. The rest is irrelevant

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Right, the numbering inside the rom has not been changed, as it is in some sense a preview of the 2.11 version which we planned later, only the numbering for the updater. No matter: it is the 20230220 build, which is after all the important information.

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thanks for the update. actually battery life est quite better, knowing that A5 do not have a big batterie life in ant case.

Generally I think that with a battery of 3000mAh (?) it should be possible to charge the phone only once a day (LTE, BLE on for 16h, 8h airplane mode during the night).
With the latest update I see little improvement, i.e. very often one charge per day is sufficient (Smart charging enabled with 70/90 limits since the defaults 60/80 does not work for me).
A few times I observed the following:
When I charge in the evening up to 90% and switch immediately to airplane mode during the night then I usually have still 90% after 8 hours in the morning - fine.
But sometimes it happens that even in airplane mode (and same default apps open) the charge drops significantly by 20% during the night) …
Anybody else who observed this with a Galaxy A5?

There are still battery drain issues. We will make new attempts to solve them. This phone has an old kernel, which is the origin of these problems, coupled with a recent system that is designed for use with more recent kernels.


I put online a beta version which seems, this time, to completely fix the battery drain. If someone wants to test it, you can follow the instructions here: beta · master · iode / ota · GitLab. It simply consists in downloading and installing an apk which is an update of the updater, and gives access to the beta versions. It can be uninstalled at any time to come back to official releases.

Just to make sure that I am doing things right:
After installing the 2v2 apk file from Gitlab - I am on the Beta-Channel, correct?
And then I have to install iodeOS A-2.11 from 26.2.2023 (0,99GB)?

Update: Using the Beta improves the situation significantly - I’ll keep you posted …

Yes !